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This article describes in brief the why and how humour thrived during the thousands of years that man (and women) civilised themselves. The article treats humour as was seen in Biblical times, during Greek and Roman times; in the writings of Shakespeare and Dickens. There is even a hint of… Read More

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These are half-true jokes in a script form. Please do not take offensively, but they contain messages about the site in some ways. Some of you may relate! Enjoy! :) Read More
Humour in the midst of natives on a small Mediterranean Island. Here is a presentation of the Maltese penchant for humour when facing the sun's rays. But are they really a happy bunch or a nation of grumblers? here are some observations made… Read More
James is a happy, perky, freshmen who is excited about college. People tend to go along with his unnecessary happy self except for this one American exchange student who just can't stand James for one more second. Read More
A New Year; Time for change, a new life, a new lift, new... What's the fascination with a New Year? Isn't it an opportunity to start anew? Does it always work that way? House of our own making, misery of wasted opportunity... Read More

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"...And there were in the same country shephards keeping watch over their flocks by night..." But in the tight & unkempt quarters of a small, lowly stable, I watched the miracle of a wonderfull & majestic birth... If you follow along with me, I will share that special day with… Read More
Roommates, Kelly & Carmen live in a big wide house with a lot of unused space, until one day in the spring, with a slight breeze blowing to ruffle their hair, they walk literary-ily into the arms of a man... Not just any man, amongst all their wanderings in… Read More
Just a bunch of Blarney from an Irish woman's child. Read More

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Tips on getting through a horror film...or films Read More
Weird Story #1 I made during School.Comments, Suggestions, Reviews would be great. Read More
Imagine being asked to emcee an event. You read out someone's name, it is male, but you see a female in that recipient. How embarrassing! What a lesson. Now that you have an idea, why not read more? Enjoy. Let me know what you think. :) Read More

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November 12, 2014

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A best memories wont fade from your mind. This travel proves me that. Read More
"Poisoned baklava" A story excerpted from: The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin: Stories, jests, and donkey tales of the beloved Persian folk hero ©2011 by Ron J. Suresha Lethe Press, 2011 See more excerpted stories at: Read More
It's about a comedian who comes up with an extreme way to deal with a heckler. Read More
I wrote this poem after hearing my friend vent to me about a girl that was being really harsh and rude to her. Read More
It's almost 4 AM in the morning but today I decided to stay up with one of my best buddies, Shaun Curtis (Check him out, he just started Booksie. A talented novice poet with an eloquent sense of poetry) to help me make a poem to cheer our friend up… Read More
Have you ever tried to diet and keep failing, well it happens to the best of us, hope this poem put a smile on your face and remember never give up! Read More

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What if I won the lottery? Read More
Tim goes to elaborate lengths to skip work. Like, really elaborate lengths. Read More
This Story is about a Overweight Jewish Cooky Family! Read More
R. Kelly runs out of orange juice. Shenanigans ensue. Read More

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If Snow White and Charming from 1937 haven't found each other and send letters to each other these days, in 2014. Here is how it might look like. Read More
a tale of love lost. a sonnet for the true believers. Read More

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I'm not sure that "Humor" is the best category for this... The best option would be "Complete and Utter Randomness" but apparently Booksie doesn't have that. Anyways, this poem speaks for itself, so all I'm going to say is that this is 100% true. It happened last night. Enjoy! ???? Read More

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Just a random funny story of a family that loves one another even though most people would think otherwise. Read More

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A collection of sarcastic answers to give people when they ask you stupid questions. Read More
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