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Hoping for comments about how to improve upon my writing! Let me know what you guys think! Read More
From Christmas of 2011 to the end of 2014 I wrote in a journal. I included original poetry, theories about the world, spiritual revelations, and personal experiences that I learned a lesson or two from. In the pages I lay out my soul and have a lot of pride in… Read More
Micah grant is a rough and tough modern day cowboy. Keeping the ranching tradition alive along with his younger brothers, Jordan and Luke. he learns the hard way that family is the most important thing. In the middle of cout battle Micah finds out from an old hidden letter that… Read More
Jordan West had a nice life with an obnoxious brother and a crazy best friend, but that all changed when she is confronted by a mysterious boy. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is about me, a 13 year old girl (Elesia) and how i met the love of my life 15 year old boy (Jordan) on holiday in pontins. I love him loads and i would like to spend the rest of my life with him but i dont know how… Read More
Anyone who watches TeenNick may I have your ATTENTION! Yes, This is Degrassi, I know that many of you out there watch Degrassi, so I have made this article of my favorite characters from Degrassi. Read More
According to recent reports the former heavyweight champion of the world made a visit to Portland Oregon last week to meet with executives from the Jordan Brand. Read More

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Andrea Cullen's life is turned upside down when her brother dies, but when when sh Read More
This is a story about finding out who you are after years of pretending to be someone else. Read More
A story about a good date. Read More
Hi I’m Angeline; I will tell you a story. It is about a boy I’ve met. He became part of my short life if that is the right term, I guess! Anyways read this or if not. Then maybe you might be just as like him, as simple as no… Read More
The Sincerely, Victoria Trilogy Book 1 Shifters, people who can “shift” into other animals are only found in myths and children’s stories. And, of course, in Elseriyel. Elseriyel shouldn’t exist, but it does. Cora Maydeen-Grey shouldn’t exist, but she does too. And, Finn Casters should be dead, but he’s very… Read More

Book / Romance

September 29, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Lacey's back for another year of high school. But whathappens when she figures that her best friend, Jordan, has a crush on Lacey's formal crush, Ben? Lacey loves Jordan like a sister! But what happens when Ben falls in love with the best friend, Lacey? Read More
When the world is invaded with Evil scientists who want to turn all mankind into cats, space dictators who want to take over the universe, stalkers who stalk their prey and do unbarible things to the victims, And a squad of rapists that spread from the janitors closets to the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Life at Vally Highschool was hard, and for Palmer, a slightly overweight girl with a beautiful face, nothing was harder. Always being picked on for her body type she just watches people fall in love around her, thinking that will never happen to her, so when popular jock Luke invites… Read More
Death is on the horizon. Will they be able to get out alive? Read More
War is a game. It is a game of deceit and betrayal. It is a game of death and struggle. It is complex beyond belief, and simpler than breathing. It has shaped not only humanity but the Galaxy for millennia. And it will continue to shape existence for ages to… Read More
Oh! So excited about the movie that I wrote a few songs for it. Yes, Everflame is becoming an actual MOVIE! Well, along with Net of Dreams and the novel my friend put on her account (I made her delete it 'cause it's mine, actually) (She's Dovecloud, the rest are… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 06, 2011

Caroline is an ordinary teenage girl. She's fourteen, with professors for parents. Then sabbatical comes - the horrific beginnings of a move to Florida, to be with her grandmother, her aunt and uncle, and her cousin Jordan. Caroline doesn't want to move. She'll do practically anything to get out of… Read More
In the Patriot, Jordan discovers a video camera, which she enevtually decides to put to good use. In this sub-series, things will be explained in a little more detail, things that were left out will work their way in and it may even leave you asking quiestions at the end.… Read More
Mr. Jordan is a failing stage director, and he has been charged to produce the final work of the famous Peter Woodward. Read More
Enchanted is a ten year old girl with all of her family dead but her dad. When there is nobody else to go to while her dad goes to war, Enchanted refuses to go to foster care, and follows her dad. Read More
David Anderson, Brian Anderson’s brother is murdered by an assassin of the shadow figure known as Lucius, a major criminal in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East who controls cocaine and methamphetamine sales throughout the eastern world as well as an assassin ring. Brian, one of Lucius’s most… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

September 22, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Jordan was a normal girl until Jane and Mark adopted her and took her to The Institute, where they run their experiments. But weird notes in the library and quirky volenteers make Jordan question just what is going on in the labs. She soon finds out that illegal injections filled… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The proper copy of Everflame, so far book 1 of 2. The second one I'll start posting in December, it's called Everflame - Body Keepers Doll. There may be a 3rd one, called Everflame - The Last Keeper, but if so, I’m unsure when I’ll start posting. Summary - If… Read More
The U.S. has concluded trade agreements with selected Arab countries. First, the U.S. concluded an FTA with Jordan in 2001.Then, the U.S. has launched a 10-year effort to form a US-Middle East free trade area.The purpose of all these FTAs with Arab countries is, among other things, to liberalize trade… Read More
The memoir of Sarah Hanson. How one girl loved and let love die. Read More
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