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My heart aches for the world in its current state. Truths are spun in a web of lies, plague and illness spread like wildfire, and people are at war with each other, all over what is truth. I want to uncover it, and share it, no matter the cost. These… Read More

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They say the best way to become a good writer is to be a good reader, but it's not always an easy road for your parents and teachers. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Are you having hard relationships with your friends, have you ever considered writing a journal? This is a poem comparing the two. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"Most people have stereotypes against people with mental disorders, like they just sit there all day and claw at the walls and bang their head against the floor, but that was nothing like my experience. Most of the teenagers I interacted with were either really suicidal or chronically depressed, many… Read More
This is a journal entry I recently uncovered from the year I lost my best friend to suicide. It's rather dark but I feel almost as if I NEED it out there. Read More
The misadventures of a misfit teenager in her last year of high school, told through letters to her friend, Joy Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aveline Noelle Anderson is not your average teenager, she has a special gift called physic abilities and has been accepted to a top rank school because of her creative writing skills. Now once she gets there, she finds herself doing her own under cover article about teenagers getting murdered there… Read More
The journals of Henry Clark Evercott as a history to one of the main characters to the novel Little Wolf Lake. Read More
One part of this one leads into the next one. Read More

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okay this is something new i decided to try. I am taking entries from a journal i used to write but stopped in the end because there was no point in writing when i didn't want to remember my day. (warning: i realize that most of these arent written well… Read More
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