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Summary Chronicles of the Ascended Series Book 1 - The Tablet of Destiny - Dmitri Welsh is a normal boy with a not so normal life, but that had always seemed alright, because no matter what his parents we loving kind and open minded, but after Dmitri stats hearing voices… Read More
Siblings Articus and Jeremyah Flint spent eight years on the road seeking answers about their true parentage and their peculiar abilities. Along their journey they learn about themselves and how to be good siblings. They create a family for themselves. Now they're returning to their hometown, where they discover that… Read More
When Lored escapes from the Isle of Yrjo, he discovers his problems have only just started. “Freya’s ability to craft complex characters and create an interwoven storyline shows well in this volume! The way things play out as the story unfolds, with some mysteries answered and others yet to be… Read More
When sadness makes you feel empty, when life makes you reach the lowest point try to redefine the meaning of your happiness so you can reach it every time you think the sky is falling on your head. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Photo (c) Pexels Read More
A story about an unusual journey and how one girl loved reading again. Read More
Enjoy the space ride. My poem. Read More
On a train. Teacher roosting upon a gaggle of bickering school children. Every so often she uttered moral advice: "our stop is next! Make sure you hold onto something." Bureaucratic priming, official phrasings, seemed to drip from her core. She clearly took pride in her role as a propaganda instructor… Read More
My thoughts on how human beings are brought up and the paradoxes and hypocrisy contained therein. Read More

Tags: life, journey, boxes

My ruminations on how human beings are brought up, and the paradoxes and hypocrisy contained therein Read More

Tags: life, journey, boxes

My ruminations on how human beings are brought up, and the paradoxes and hypocrisy apparent therein. Read More

Tags: journey, boxes

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The Booksie Classic House

Discovering the hero within you in a simple train journey I am about to share with you. Read More

Tags: love, hero, smile, journey, cape

In this world there are wonders, which even philosophers haven't dremt of - a philosopher, who denies being one, became convinced of it one night. He will embark on a journey to fulfill his brother's wish, putting his life on the line. Will the truth, that he always refused to… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 13, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

Enjoy it. My poem. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

first 2 chapters of my book which takes people on a journey of hope in Jesus and sees how the journey progresses read from start or dive in anywhere Read More

Tags: hope, journey, jesus

In this memoir I share my first encounter with essay writing back in 2006 in the 10th grade, And how the whole experience reveals something about my past and current relationship to writing Read More
We believe that there are heaven and hell after the death. But what if there are only one place, where we will be judged for every deed we've done. It is obvious that nowadays there are no people, who have not committed any sins. So who deserved to be in… Read More
We make our love what it should be. My poem. Read More
Short poem about a new life and the guide who made it possible Read More

Tags: love, journey, light, stars

Kaiser is a young man entrusted with missions from the Duke of Abdera, the kingdom that he calls home. Soon after he delivers the unfortunate news of his last scouting trip, he missteps and ultimately finds his name tarnished. Now he leaves to seek his own truth regarding the scaled… Read More
A love journey. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, journey, wind, sunny, day

Poem / Humor

September 18, 2020

A dream of journey through the face Read More
It's never easy to choose which way your feet should take you on the path of life Read More
along the journey she found the love she had never had Read More

Tags: love, pain, hate, journey

Enjoy it. My poem. Read More
A humorous novel about a caravan journey through Africa and South Asia by four online gamers and a giant tortoise: Emma, the ugly but buxom Swiss; Piero, the goody-goody, not too bright Italian; Zach, the skinny and tech-savvy Brit; and Gunter, who is fat, anarchist and German. A series of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A hooded man stands infront of the gates, waiting for them to open. Waiting to take the final steps of his life. Read More

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