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Lydia, the draft mare has been left behind at the feed lot. She is desperately ill and only a miracle will save the life of her and her unborn foal. Read More
Bo, is big beautiful Shire gelding, who has found himself in tough situation... he's on a feed lot waiting to be sent to slaughter...but this is not the end of the road for the big shire for he is one of the lucky ones...but he has friends that need rescuing… Read More
Mythological poem about skeletal warriors risen again to wage war against live men. Read More
In a time when men ruled the earth, when marriages were an arrangement of wealth and prestige; when love was a word unspoken, a young woman becomes caught up in a world that changes everything… Read More
A second of nmy seven dragon poems. This one is a renge for those unfamiliar with Japanese poetry styles. Read More
And for something different, a dragon poem, the first of seven I wrote in the 1990s. Read More
Evelyn; cousin to the young King David; has just come of age. Finally, she is achieving the dream of every young lady of the court. Four of the greatest knights in the eight fiefs her cousin rules are coming to the high court; a great faire is being held in… Read More
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