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People - betrayers, people - forgivers. Read More
Do you ever wonder why people behave the way they do? Do you wish you could get into the minds of those who commit certain acts, so that you can be assured never to think those thoughts? Follow me as i escort you through the greatest betrayal to ever occur.… Read More
This excerpt from The Missing Foundation uses both canonized and non-canonized sources as well as primary and secondary sources to piece together and reveal truths behind the conspiracy to kill Jesus/Yeshua and how Hollywood has created its own version of how people were crucified. Read More
I have written the unwritten story of Jesus Christ. I have allowed the world to see how thoughts and feelings create reality. I have shared how Jesus' story is the perfect and prime example of that perfect system of creation that all people have the power to use and perfect… Read More
A symbolist poem protesting the evils of Christianity and organized religion in general Read More
An uwitting psychopath is driving to Tennessee to collect money from a dead relative over Christmas, little does he know... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ruminations on betrayal. Read More
Initially there were more Gospels. But the most interesting one was not there. Up till now. Read More

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Poland 1941. Brutal Nazi control has swept over the country like an ominous storm-cloud. How does a vigilante survive in a nation gripped by fear? One must keep their friends close, but their enemies closer. Read More
Vandhana Davenport has had a passion for photography for as long as she could remember. She'd been dreaming of the day that she could work alongside famous photographers since she was a young keti; having her work featured in best-selling magazines and art galleries around the world being a recurring… Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 29, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Inspired by the deceitful Judas who sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. This poem is also inspired from the "personal Judas" of my life. Read More
This is a quirky little piece I did about some flies. It's not great, but...what do you think? Read More
Title speaks for itself. Teach this to your kids so they know some of the most famous names in rock! Read More
Lillith, an average girl, enters her final seminars in a class of 30. The numbers soon dwindle to 10 after the vanishing of the professor trips a projector driven female to lead the class into a dizzying dance to David Bowie's "Life on Mars". Read More
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