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The lesser-known story of the painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Read More
This is an updated version of my the shadow team story collections, the one on here is one i wrote when i was in year 8, now im in year 13 lols (I think this version is better. If you want to see what Rachel, Torment and Ava look like… Read More
Julius Caesar is different from other tragedies such as King Lear or Hamlet in that the tragic hero is not immediately clear, though it does have one. It is a more nuanced and ambiguous work, with each character being both good and bad. And while JC is a political commentary,… Read More
I am pleased to present you my self-compiled and published book, entitled ‘What is India?’, containing the quotes of the world renowned intellectual giants on ancient Indian Spiritualism and wisdom. This fervent appreciation of classical knowledge and wisdom by the wisest of the wise rational scholars from the world around… Read More
A monologue of Julius Ceasar in heaven... or hell... Read More

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'I'm sorry Cody, I'm so sorry.' M/M SLASH. Suicide, and a lot of angst, beware. Read More
My first completed short story Read More
A young man is denied the part of Caesar during a production of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". He will do anything to play Caesar, even kill... Now Updated and revised! Read More
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