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Mr. Washington spies people in the audience of a murder trial revolving around a cold case 36 years old, who he swears were in his store the day of the murder. The past is rapidly becoming the present and the real killer may be in the audience---or on the jury. Read More
When DNA revives a 36 year-old murder case, the difficulties of finding witnesses, presenting reports, introducing evidence, are all buried under 36 years of the lives and deaths of so many of the potential witnesses. Some of the the people on the jury realize they were around the area back… Read More
After days of testimony in a thirty-six year-old murder case resurrected by DNA evidence, two of the jurors realize that they were near the crime scene the night of the murder. But one of them, a Private Detective in real life, reaches a stunning conclusion. Read More
Thirty-six years after a murder, DNA resurrects the case for a jury trial. As the case progresses in real time, members of the jury as well as the Court Reporter are conducting their own mental investigation back thirty-six years ago, with the result that they are becoming very skeptical about… Read More
DNA evidence was obtained from the clothing of a murder victim who was killed thirty-six years ago. Two jurors realize that they were near the crime scene at the time of the murder. Now the 911 operator says the 911 call was not from a land line. She also has… Read More
A jury begins hearing the evidence in a thirty-six year-old murder case that has been cold, until DNA testing puts the defendant on trial. As the evidence unfolds against the now fifty-three year-old Mr. Sanderson, the jury is taken back into the past where the case against Mr.Sanderson appears to… Read More
A thirty-six year-old murder case is resurrected with DNA. A jury has been selected and two of the jurors come to understand that they were near the crime scene back then. Although the defendant, Mr. Sanderson is the only suspect, a number of facts from thirty-six years ago begin to… Read More
Two jurors realize that they had been near the scene of a thirty-six year-old cold murder case that has been resurrected using DNA. Now the two wonder if they should tell the judge or wait for the testimony of a man who could finger them as being on site. Read More
A jury has been selected to hear a cold murder case from thirty-six years ago, resurrected by DNA testing. Things get hairy when two jurors realize that they were present on the day and the night of Jemma Jefferson's murder. And then things really get weird . . . Read More
When cleaning out the evidence locker a the country Sheriff;s office, some clothing form a homicide victim from thirty five years ago, is found and sent to the lab for DNA testing. As a result of the DNA testing, Mr.David Sanderson, now fifty-three, is arrested and charged with first degree… Read More
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