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We are happy when we have justice. Read More
Law is an arts, an academic, a belief, a compulsory, a concept, an elective, an intellectual, a society and a world course. It teaches to a university undergraduate, success (how) to conceive a solution to a conflict. The conflict it deals with is one occurring between two individually different persons.… Read More

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We need justice badly. My poem. Read More
I am going to see a therapist tomorrow. I intend to reveal what happened to me and those responsible. It is August 16th, 2022. I am burning ???? in SoCal, but busy trying to write a short story to enter into a competition. I’m not skilled I composing shorts, so… Read More
Walter goes on adventure Read More
Where is the Justice? This article discusses pedophilia as it relates to society. Read More
A dying man reflects upon his choices, his family, and the meaning of justice. Read More
In every crime, there is always a motive. John Doe is a fisherman whose Daughter Leila was raped by her employers son Robert. Robert made her pregnant and infected Leila with HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, because of depression, his daughter Leila committed suicide. Full of rage, John Doe choose rape and murder of… Read More
There was always problems with Venus, Mars and Vulcan. My poem. Read More

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We shall definitely pulled together and bring the Earth back on its path. My poem. Read More
This is a short story of an event that happened when I was a child. We had kittens, and my dad did not want kittens I had to do something! Read More

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Ukraine was the center of the first eastern Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Russia's invasion into Ukraine was a big mistake. Read More
As human beings, I know that we are still learning. My poem. Read More

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November 10, 2021

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A very nice feeling. My poem, Read More

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October 27, 2021

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A plea for unity and an end to racisim Read More
The second part of Jacob's Trial. Jacob and his brother join forces to track down their fathers killer. Read More
The Department of Men's Rights Has got to take a stand, It must take away all basic rights From every boy and man. Read More
They fight against freedom They fight to keep all fairness down, They're fighting on the political stage Alongside the other painted clowns. Read More
Just because it's the political stage Why must they all act like clowns? Read More
The former Labour Party, the A.L.P., has been endorsing a sexist Matriarchal society, in Australia, for 40 years now. One result is the sky-rocketing youth suicide rate in Australia, since it now seems that only women can make a career, the best men in Australia can hope for is a… Read More
The former Labour Party, the A.L.P. has been endorsing a sexist Matriarchal society, in Australia, for 40 years now. One result is the sky-rocketing youth suicide rate in Australia. Read More
In the 1970s & '80s men fought hard to help women achieve equality. So now we live in an evil matriarchy, I wonder why women aren't fighting the evil of Negative Action to help men, now 3rd class citizens, achieve equality. Read More
The panther man stalks Through the dark and torrid night, Nothing evil's safe. Read More
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