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Why did he have to say "Hello" when it could only ever end with a "Goodbye"? Lucinda Of all the summer dance programs in the world, Lee Minhyuk enrolled in mine. I was in New York; he was from Seoul. I may have only been thirteen, but I'd fallen in… Read More
A poem about K-pop Henry. Read More

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November 30, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Harboring dark secrets is what slowly eats at the soul. That's what Gabriel Kelly ultimately believes after the death of his older brother Joshua. Always having lived in his shadow, Gabe understands he is nothing like his golden half but can't stop from having to fit in. It's the only… Read More
Rabi was just another very talented girl going into her first year of high school. Her talents went overlooked until she posted a video of herself dancing on a dancing forum site. Rabi's talents are then noticed by SM Town who sends a scout out to America to get her… Read More
I wrote this for a writing contest by Daisy Ink. This is a story about a girl who gets nervous and shy around a boy that she just met. She appears the typical, shy girl but nothing is as it seems... Read More
So I wrote this for a competition. I based it on Girls' Generation- Gee, it's about girls getting nervous about this guy, and this is my view of a story being nervous around a guy and what I think would happen later on. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lisa was only 10 when a life changing event happened. All she wanted was love but she was looking in the wrong places, but is she really ready for love when she has yet to come to terms with her true self? Read More
TKS(trouble K-pop stars) is a new k-pop rookie group under SM Entertainment, they recently just debuted, but the trouble that they go through and the hards time, will they stick together?? The members are Daiz: Lead Rapper, tom-boy, very much like F(X) Amber Liu Chantelle: Lead singer, girly girl, loves… Read More
Three weeks ago a three member girl group introduced themselves as ST4R on the K-Pop scene. With their catchy debut song Lupin, they are capturing many hearts with their stunning beauty and supreme singing abilities. ST4R consists of Summer (Hwang Su Min), Amber (Choi Ju Hyun) and MyungMyung (Myung Shin… Read More
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