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December 31, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Kacy and her friends are used to the life of the big city, but their parents decide it's time to move out of the city and into a more quiet town. Kacy knows it's just because of previous trouble they've been in. Mark is still dealing with the death of… Read More
Truitt Lutner was SAG Class President, Habitat For Humanity Volunteer, Certified Babysitter, and Everybody's Best Friend. Until July 14th, 2010. CIT Kacy Bradgen, Truitt's best friend and emotional rock, drowned in Lake Kutana trying to save 5 year old camper, Hoda Lee. Truitt Lutner then began to cope with her… Read More
The new kid in town gets everything that she wants, including the boys. sh was caught in seven minutes in heaven witha variety of boys from their class. Now miss Jenna wants Zack's lips. the drama rizes between the female blood for one boy. Who comes out on top? Read More
In the first book ,Kacy had been picked on who she thought was her best friend. throught the troubles of the book she finally made up with Jackie. Both of them wore a ring that said eat rice, symbolizing back to kindergarten. Now in this new book, Kacy thought everything… Read More

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