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It was only one kiss but boy did it shake up everybody's world Rated: M Characters: Kagome Higurashi, Miroku Read More
Funny how they say time heals all. It doesn't, it was just another lie to try and comfort the grieving. Sess/Kag *One shot* Read More
Caradoc falls in love with a girl in the park and we follow pieces of their love. This story was a challenge I gave myself to finish under four hours. Read More
I based this poem off the anime inuyasha. It's about a cold, cruel man finding out he loves a woman but not until it is far to late Read More
Story based on the anime called Inuyasha, Kagome and Start have been sent back to there time but since Star is the mother of sesshomarus child and he is getting older she needs his help to raise their child but when she gets back to the fudeal era its not… Read More
Maybe… she had known after all what the small token had meant. Maybe that is why she had never taken it off. She had known how much he loved her but his pride was too big for him to admit it. He had been foolish. Hell he had been stupid.… Read More

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Rin has gone to the valley of Teusengai, to seek out a demon named Audrain, who can grant a wish every three thousand years. Inuyasha and Kagome are rushing to save her from a horrible fate, unsure why she would do such a thing. Read More
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