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He isn't very interesting. Just another brat of the village who is being loud and getting on everyone's nerves. I'd like to say that at least. It'd make things so much easier for me if it were true..would make me feel less guilty than I do for having such impure… Read More
The village hidden in the leaves has had a major change from the past. Everything has changed, the village, the villagers, the atmosphere and so have the threat... Read More
This story is about a young genin in the world of Naruto. It is about her strugle to find where she belongs and succeed in life. Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever owned the manga or anime of Naruto. This is simply another fanfiction. Read More
A visitor comes to the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Her past is known to only a select few. Could she be a friend or a foe? Read More
well this is my first time writing a novel so i dont have much of a description besides the point it was somewhat of a dream i had anyway tell me what you thin of it and if i should continue it. Read More
Kakashi took in an orphan girl a few years back, her name? Ayame Kawa. Now that she is Kakashi's legal daughter, her name is Ayame Kawa Hatake. A kind hearted girl who doesn't like to hurt anyone, no matter how bad they are. Follow her life as she leaves the… Read More

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A Mist village hunter-nin, Irene Akaishi receives a mission from the mizukage: Collect herbs from the leaf village. Sounds easy right? Wrong! she has to face her Uncle she has never met, start making new friends. Can She handle it? What happens when death comes to her? What happens when… Read More
Jayfeather looks in Naruto's mind over and over to find out what his hinging from them gaara meets tigerheart at a gathering kakashi talks to firestar sakure learns the cats way of healing sai will learn how to fight like a cat... Dovepaw and Ivypaw be come warriors and lionblaze… Read More
This is the first story i ever wrote so if its not that good spare me haha. IF ANYONE HAS REQUESTS PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!!! Read More

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Book / Fan Fiction

November 26, 2010

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A nice day as Team 7 tries to come up with a plan, to take of their sensi's mask. They try different methods which all fail till Naruto has one plan left, which involves a certain pink-headed kunoichi and one word comes to mind... "Seducing" Read More
When Himatsu Uzamaki returns back to Konoha, no one expects how the villagers react. With Naruto at her side yet again, the friends remember all the promises they made long ago, when they were both naive, hyperactive academy students. Now HImatsu's come back to keep the biggest promise of all:… Read More

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Momoki has some serious emotional problems. And Sasuke is getting the brunt of her frustrations. Read More

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Sora is a young girl that is raised by her grandpa , her parents died when bandits evaded the village . she grew up to be an excellent kunoichi but what happenes when he finds out that his uncle was Konohas white fang... Read More

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naruto and his younger brother go on a top secret mission. The meet someone that could possily change their lives even further then it already has... Read More

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I wander around villages and cities, looking for something. I hoped I would find what I was looking for in Konohagakura..the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Where I met Iruka, and Kakashi...two Shinobi, each very different from the other. Will they give me what I'm looking for? Read More

Poem / Fan Fiction

June 02, 2010

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A poem for Kakashi, in his defense against smut-haters. Read More

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Tekai Hatake. That name is one that not many people are familiar with. This is his story, before even Naruto was a shinobi. Before he was even born. This is Tekai's story - the story of the first demon to be born into Konohagakure. Read More
The battle was over, there was rubble everywhere. The once great mountain was brought down on top of the three shinobi who fought with the intensity of gods. Sasuke and Naruto fought side by side. But when he is brought back to the leaf village he must face unfinished business… Read More

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Karra has been gone for years on an infiltration mission. But she's back. And her brother (Guy) and Kakashi have to help her to remember why the leaf village is home. Read More
Hehe. Think of this as a high school edition of Yuki's story. Lol. Read it!!! It's amazing!!! But she's a bit whiney in this one. She changes though. There's a reason for her whineyness. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

January 19, 2011

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Hehe. Well this is my first try. It's a love story about a girl named Yuki and Kiba. Yuki had a rough start at life, having been orphaned at age five and adopted by a young Kakashi. Her entire clan had been wiped out except for her. As she gets… Read More
Oh yah srry it took soo longgg but i was failing French and had to get back up or i lost the computer for a month guess waht.... i lost the computer for a month yippe. Well heres Part Two Yep I'm soo proud *sniffle* Ok read on!! '______' =… Read More

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Info: Name: Miko Uchiha Age: 19 Home village: The village hidden in the Ice sheets Current village: The soul village. History: Miko was abannded by her parents and adopted into a rich familly they had 8 children, discluding her ,and they were all adopted and had different Kekkai Genkai. Her… Read More

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Ninjas are serious about their jobs but not these Teenagers their serious with their jobs and also is serious with their love life. Read More
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