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This article proves that there is only one dominant theory per scientific fie.d. Read More
This story is submitted for Jezemaya's Booksie Championship Round 1 Fairytales Option 3 =) This is a story that is a mash up of Rapunzel and Aladdin. So you will be finding elements from both but the storyline is quite different. Hope you like it =) An evil spirit who… Read More

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September 12, 2009

relationship troubles. Read More
This is a short piece i wrote intended to be a scene in my next story, i would apprieciate some feedback, good and bad, as to whether it is worth continuing. Read More
It would have begun on the day of the Theadrix Celebration parade, generally things happened on important events. This was a big one though, a happening of apocalyptic proportions, the end of days in the very least. The planet Theadrix has been hit with a zombie virus when the Immortal… Read More
Mandy was desperate to keep her man, desperate to prove to Karl that his recent incarceration hadn’t changed her feelings towards him or her commitment to him. To accomplish her goals, Mandy was not above lying…even to Karl. Read More
After the exhilarating battle of Theadrix, Dave is starting to question his Immortality and goes to see the ship doctor. Due to an unfortunate event he gets a self replicated clone/Alien named Farnis. Read More
Dave Walts is his name and he is the Captain of 'The Immortal' an Earth Frigate ship dedicated to forming alien alliances and saving planets! This is the first chapter of the book! It's kind of a short story about how Dave saved Theadrix from being destroyed against the Ragnors!… Read More
Where was Marx right? Of course you cannot hold people in inhuman conditions, feed them poorly, make them work sixteen hours a day and pay them hardly anything. This is bad for everyone. However, for the last 150 years capitalist societies have developed such social systems that one can do… Read More
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