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A fishing trip does not go as planned for the protagonist. Read More

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October 12, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

he wonders why his son is indifferent. will his reflection help him find out the reason behind the disrespectful attitude of his son? will it put an end to his answers? Read More

Tags: sad, conscience, karma

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September 06, 2016

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The Review Chain House

Chico is on an endless search for food when he meets the neighborhood bully. Will this thug get what he deserves? Read More

Tags: karma, dog, mexico

Short piece about an imagined outpouring of emotions from a disgruntled ex-girlfriend to the latest woman to be dumped by her ex boyfriend Read More
When everything you thought you knew becomes a lie. Read More
Be careful of what you do... and what you believe... Read More

Tags: death, suicide, karma

Poem / Poetry

January 31, 2016

Whether we like it or not, everything has a payback. Read More
Enjoy feedback is always cool Read More
Karmic Entanglement is real. Righting wrongs through forgiveness is necessary to walk more free. Read More
This a story for my workshop I did following a specific prompt. A man guilty of a crime flees through the woods only to realize there are other factors standing in his way of escape. Perhaps forces that are even out of his control.. Themes include basic morality, karma, and… Read More
just a few thoughts about how united states of america is now a very negative entity. destroying lives of the vast majority of it citizens and others around the world. Read More
This is base on my life observations of myself and what has happened to my children and friends. Children are cruel to children and usually taught this from their parents. Read More

Tags: god, care, karma

Build positive karma with kindness to others and love. Spread a little love and kindness and maybe it will come back to you. Reap what you soe. What goes around comes around. Many self centered and uncaring out there. Spread some positive energy out is like dropping a rock into… Read More

Tags: love, karma, kindness

Have you ever wondered if we were alone in the universe? Have you ever wondered if perhaps we were part of something bigger? Here is one of those thoughts... Read More
The epic conclusion to Season One of S.O.B Story! Read More
Get heart broken all over again I should deal with my own acid rain. I cant feel the feeling i want Leaving me so damn nonchalant Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A ride to your nearest grocery shop is nothing interesting to write about...but for some people life isn't all that easy! Read More
Andrew is Kissed by Karma, Meanwhile Heather is feeling 'Heavenly'. Read More
Heather and Andrew handle the breakup in different ways. Heather hooks up with Ty...or does she? Read More
This piece was written for a song that I am currently working on... the instrumental file is attached! let me know what you think! Read More
I wrote this for my wife... This is about how it sometimes feels like we're too busy for our own lives to begin. Read More
This piece is about finding that spark among the ashes, a tiny ember that could reignite the fires that warm from within. Read More
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