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This piece is about finding that spark among the ashes, a tiny ember that could reignite the fires that warm from within. Read More
This is a piece about love, life and the dance they share. Read More
For those who don't believe in God, I think we can all agree there is one hell of an amazing artist up there somewhere though! Read More
This is how you save me... (Kelly - you are my strength and my shelter.) Read More
This is about the effect that you have on me, how you course through my body, and how I can always feel you in all I do. Read More
This piece flows like time, through it's twists and turns, and how like life it has such a delicate nature. Read More
This is a piece about overcoming adversity, strength through experience, and belief that we will once again, find ourselves. Read More
This piece is about he realization and the appreciation we should all have for the gives we have in our lives Read More
This piece is about the fabric that entangles lovers. Read More
This piece is about capturing a moment and seizing it. Read More
This is about time, and how every second, is like sand - capable of slipping through your fingers and being lost forever. Read More
This piece is about the drops that slide so effortlessly across the window pane and how it relates to life Read More
we grant karma with 98% of our hope doubtlessly Read More

Tags: love, hope, karma

In this episode Andrew and Heather buy Greg gifts to say they are sorry for treating him badly at the pet store. Also Cliff gets to know Karma "really" well. Read More
This piece is about the calmness and clarity that comes from standing your ground. Read More
This is a piece about that moment when you realize that everything about her, is proof she's the one. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Greg doesn't want to leave the pet store. Read More
In this episode Heather, Andrew, and Greg visit the Rose Garden and run into someone unexpected. Read More
Andrew Faces Karma, and eats at a fancy restaurant. Read More
Andrew and Greg go to a Substance Abuse Class and run into someone unexspected Read More
In this episode Andrew Plays a prank on Greg. Read More

Tags: green, karma, funny, prank

In this episode the question is answered. Is Greg gay? Read More

Tags: gay, green, karma, funny

Script / Humor

April 11, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Greg gets visited by a strange women, then ends up in an even stranger place. Read More
"No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow." —Euripides Read More

Tags: death, karma

A girl so emotionally scarred that when she finds her potential true love;She surpasses him and falls for a creature so cold ,so dark he almost kills her. No one knows but she has a power so strong she could change everything in a click of her fingers, if only… Read More
A love that was thought to be true, only to be proven fake. The one that was real was the one who got hurt, while the other continues to play their game some more, and hurt others as well. Read More
YAY, it's that time of the month where depression has kicked in just enough to an extent when I can write something, post it onto a couple of sites and almost force people to read it! :D Read More

Tags: karma, bullying

Arya or Arty as I know her, has a lot of secrets. Some we can see by the scars on her, others are hidden behind her tough exterior and the crystal green eyes. But there is one that is killing her from the inside out. This her story, the story… Read More
Adira is living in a world where the good people get rewarded with good looks, and bad people turn grotesque. Which is working out, until you get too beautiful, and people start to think, that you're not from this world. Then you might be a creature from another world, where… Read More
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