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Just a short little poem I threw together using a 3rd grade format with a quirky twist:) I'm tired, so don't hate. Read More

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December 27, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Maxi is a normal girl. Then, she dies and is sent to heaven. Not for long, though. When she explores new parts of the heaven-type place she is in called Topekia, she and her friends, Alyx and Jason, are transported back to Earth as little kids! Now, Allena, Bloom, and… Read More
A girl is raised in a world of horrible lies. The only constant is her mother, who knows the real reason none of the people of the United States can be identified as citizens. As the girl, named Desiree, tries to unearth the truth from a mound of junk in… Read More
Hello. My name is Annabelle Smith. I go to Waverly Academy, a boarding school off the coast of Austrailia. I've been going to this school for years, since I'm an orphan and my parents died mysteriously. Recently, an American has been attending our school. She's beautiful, in a creepy sort… Read More
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