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Kendal had gone through many things in her 17 teen years of life, but when she meet a boy named Tom her whole life changes. She feels happy again since the death of her family, but how will Kendal handle Tom cheating on her? Will she forgive him, or do… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Bill Is a 17 year old and In High, And Is In Love with The School's Goth Girl. Raven. But, Does she love him the way he does?-- My first story I've worked hard on this one! Read More

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[?]My life is crazy and the thing that keeps me going is this band called Tokio Hotel. Their lyrics and songs are what keep me Alyshia Rebecca Stafford together. But,when the oppertunity comes around for me to meet them, i thought i would be jumping for joy and not crying...… Read More
Amber is living on the streets when she meets up with a couple of old friends, except they are a little different then she remebers... They have fangs now... 3rd Chapter up! Read More

Short Story / Romance

September 30, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Tom Kaulitz oneshot! =) Warning you it's a tad cheesey >_ Read More
This story is an odd one. I doubt it if someone has even made a story like this one. A twelve soon to be thirteen year old girl who Tom and Bill have know since she was basically born since their parents were good friends. She lives with Tom and… Read More
Well, when I first started out with this particular book, I had in mind to make my own version of the novel, "Twilight". But as time progressed, I decided to have a little bit more action and try to relate more to how teens are today. Hopefully this was a… Read More
All credit goes to Camisado92!!! PLEASE check out her page! I am just posting it here, because after her ch 12, I will continue story in my own words. real story - http://www.booksie.com/romance/novel/camisado92/xx-r-e-t-t-e-m-i-c-h-xx/chapter/12 "There is a request. When The God's are asked to save a person, they must speak the… Read More
Mmmmmmmmmmmm.........*Drools,licks lips*Oh,what,oh sorry just drooling over pics of Tom,sorry......Okay ummm This girl is Emo and Bulimic.She runs away from home and sleeps at a hotel in room 483 You know the drill Read More
Chapter 2 came out!!!!!!!!!Srry its seprate but idk how 2 add a chapter :(srry Read More
Anya and Haylen are finally setting off for their spring break away from their tiny home. Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

December 07, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Someone from Tom's past returns. How will this affect Tokio Hotel? Will it break them up or make them closer than ever? Read More
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