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Hansbay High Schoolers take their exams and prepare for graduation, Ryan attempts to vouch for Davis to Mrs. Stem and Eric and Michael make Ryan snap Read More
Ethan and Kimberly are upset to hear of Madeline's change of life plans, Ethan announces his campaign for Governor but must tie up loose personal ends and Ryan tries to cool tensions between Madeline and Michael while also taking criticism of his KDGM performance Read More
Ryan returns to KDGM to see it has gone mad, Ms. Smithwood deals with an acrimonious class and Kimberly tries to prepare for Ryan's future Read More
Ryan frantically tries to manage the ambitions and misgivings of all KDGM students while also balancing them against his own school troubles, The Donahues and Noah visit Jacob in prison as he struggles to connect with the outside world and Irville must court respect from Sarah Read More
Kimberly films a commercial for her business and Brennan tries to wrest control of the Hansbay High Liberal Arts club from Brandon and Ryan and Brennan try to squeeze the funny out of his fellow KDGM Read More
Ryan recruits people for KDGM next year, Jacob and other seniors skip and Jacob reflects on his High School career and Hansbay High experiences a blackout Read More
Ethan tries to move on with his life by volunteering at a local battered women’s shelter, Ryan screws up a KDGM assignment and Kimberly’s business is threatened by competition Read More
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