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The Booksie Classic House

If you want to read about the cliché girl falls in love handsome vampire story, then this ain't your story. Layla Conway has always been different. She knows that what with her strawberry blonde hair, eyes that are light and dark blue, and freckles. Oh, she is gay, her parents… Read More

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The church mouse productions House

Abraham Lincoln owes his stepmother, Sara Bush Lincoln, a favor or two: so — when he receives a letter from her asking that he act in the defense of a young man accused of murder in Kentucky — he undertakes the journey, only to find a trial much more complex,… Read More
When a mysterious body washes up in a small 19th Century Kentucky town, two local villagers - a secular-minded lawyer and a man of the cloth - unravel a decades-spanning tale of war, hope, despair, and boundless devotion. Read More
I'm going to do one urban legend for all 50 states! Read More

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My first creation of fiction in a long time Read More
Everyone has heard the song "Long Black Veil" before. It's one of the great folk songs from Appalachia that was further popularized in the 60's folk music scene. I know this song best not by Joan Baez or Johnny Cash, I've heard this song sung by mother… Read More
A story about my travels to my cousin's house in Kentucky Read More

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I've written this article to prove the ridiculousness of Kentucky avoiding medical marijuana. Read More
Spending days and nights in the woods of Fort Knox, Kentucky and sleeping under the stars with endless thinking time gave me a chance to do just that...think. Read More

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June 28, 2015

The way a victim was murdered seems familiar to Johnathan Karnes. Could it be someone or something from the past come back? Read More
A woman recounts the story of the murder of her great-grandfather during the days of the old west. First published in "Wilmington Blues" in 2004. Photo of Emil Preetorius by unknown photographer. Read More

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October 10, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

I created this story based off of events of my life. The characters and locations were inspired by real things, but names and places were tweaked for the sake of the story. Have you ever had one of those little inspiring moments, that stick in the back of your mind… Read More
Where the cotton is white and singing all night long. Never see a stranger/ Read More
Country Music Highway eastern Kentucky, the home to many country music stars like hillbilly willie and many others. county music highway dreams. Read More
Country Music Highway Road to Fame Hillbilly Willie Country Music Highway Road to Fame Hillbilly Willie country music highway hillbilly willie endorses the Road to Fame country music highway is proud to support Country Music Highway Road to Fame Read More
A unique story of a quest filled with mystery will absorb readers in author Dwain S. Tucker’s Peepeyes. It chronicles the journey of discovery by a man who set out to solve a mystery. Did his grandmother die a natural death or was she murdered? Could his grandfather have been… Read More
A boy returns home to ask his Father to clean up a deadly mess he's made. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I found many heart-tearing stories while on a mission trip in the mountains of Kentucky, and I found god in the strangest places. Never have I been to a place more inviting and beautiful. But behind all beauty is secret pain. PS- I apologize for not getting on in such… Read More
This is the product after an 8th grade writting assingment where we had to write a mystery story based off a picture given to us, and unfourtunatley, I had to find that things I think are absalutly hilarious are really pretty much stupid to my peers...oh well. Any ways, in… Read More
I have always had a fascination with the rivers and lakes that are all around us here in Western Kentucky. I share this moment with you. Read More

Short Story / Horror

January 14, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Daphne moves into a beautiful house in Lexington, Kentucky hoping to start a wonderful life there with her husband. Strange things start happening when a strange man moves in next door. Does he have something to do with the weird things that keep happening in Daphne's perfect, new house? Read More
It was in January of 1937 that the rain started. Before the end of February of that year 18 inches of water would drop from the heavens and leave people destitute and homeless. Property was damaged, homes were lost, and death claimed countless lives. One woman in the face of… Read More

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November 21, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

(Completed) Alexis Grayson is forced to leave everything she knows in Kentucky when she is sent to live with her father in New York City. It's a completely different world and Alexis isn't sure if she likes it. She misses her best friend and ex-boyfriend--who she is still in love… Read More
What happens when a young aspiring hippy and hill billy go on a qwest to do right and bring justice to a secret slave orginazation all the while finding themsevles stuck in crappy situations with a mafia family, purple buffalos, and french accented catterpilars? If you don't even know, give… Read More
The story of how a meek German immigrant went on to create the most iconic sports event of them all - the Baseball World Series. Read More
Elderely Confederate Civil War veteran tells how he met Union General George Thomas, and how it changed his life. Read More

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