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Short Stories based on the Characters of EENE. Especially the Edd and Kevin Characters. Read More
Double Dee leaves the library after a study session and bumps into his former bully Kevin. Kevin is riding his Harley and offers the Dork a ride home. When they reach Edd's home Kevin invites himself in leading up to the drunken boy making moves on the smart Ed. There… Read More
This is a remake of my story, Forget about the Past. I felt as Forget about the Past was rush and not put together well. Now this remake is defiantly different from the original. The time set is still around winter time but they will still have school happening unlike… Read More

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It's Christmas time! Kevin is starting to get some funny feeling for Edd and doesn't know how to explain them. Edd is still torn by the past when they younger and when Kevin use to pick on him. Edd is scared to fall in love with Kevin though he is… Read More
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