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Bring back Julia Gilliard as PM; Kevin Rudd is an arrogant bastard! Read More
Written in 2008, I have put this poem up now due to the unwanted return of Kevin Rudd Read More
Poem about Kevin Rudd, written when he was fascist dictator of Australia! Read More
Kevin Rudd’s overt concern for the future, at the expense of people now living in poverty. Remember, "Live for today … there is no tomorrow! Read More
A poem about Australia's most feeble prime minister, Kevin Rudd. In his three year in power, he spent at least two years overseas sightseeing at the taxpayers' expense. Read More
About Australia's most inane prime minister, Kevin Rudd -- written while he was still PM. Read More
Australian law requires the news media to be impartial at election time. In 2010 before an election the media blew this out of the water, by prostituting themselves to Kevin Rudd, inviting him to perform like a trained seal on every TV show imaginable. This came unstuck though, when Rudd's… Read More
Kevin Rudd officially spent nearly 3 years as Australian Prime Minister, In reality he spent at least 2 of those years overseas rorting the system by going on world cruises at the Aussie taxpayers' expence. He is forver known as The Walkabout Prime Minister. His theme song is, "I've been… Read More
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