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At last! My poem. Read More
It's just work work work Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 30, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a special key. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, mystery, key, star, face

Poem / Poetry

August 26, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Without that key I will never get to your heart. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, heart, key, touch

a poem that i came up with based on my own experience , it is true and i thought of rhyming it at one rhyme , hope u likr it :) Read More

Tags: alone, key, secret, dead, deadly

Book / Other

December 28, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

*using first person in the story* a young girl with a difficult upbringing has problems trying to find her career path. she has many options but little time to explore. what makes matters worse is that her parents reject a certain job. they say it will lead to her begging… Read More

Tags: key, the, hole, odd, other

Poem / Poetry

October 09, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Good girl actually devil in disguise. Read More

Tags: love, poem, lies, key, friend

Poem / Poetry

April 23, 2018

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The EKG House

This is a poem about what we let others do to us. Read More

Tags: society, key, attack, shy, cast

Poem / Poetry

December 21, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story inspired by the Imaginarium House one word prompt -- key. Read More
A woman loves and nourishes her Husband to the extremity, and by doing so, explains on how the effect that comes from this makes her feel. Key to My Heart is a line by line rhythmic poem explicitly detailing the events of how she sees herself through him. Read More
When A dad splits his key into 22 pieces what is his aim, and will his children ever understood the lesson he had in mind? Read More

Tags: love, death, key, mysteries

Poem / Romance

October 18, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a thought of every dreamer who believe in their instinct, they want to do their own...if you are dreamer than this is a worthy to read, don't try to predict my thinking, just gaze what you reflects in this lines... Read More

Tags: key, door, pull

hello everyone! this is my first chapter book i've decided to work with. it's kind of like a "hunger games sort of book." something to know is that i'm not necessarily going to post in order. i hope you enjoy. also, if any of you have better name ideas, that'd… Read More
This is little clippets of a story I'm writing. Feedback/Suggestions would be great! Read More

Short Story / Humor

May 26, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This is another story I wrote during my Literature class. The first paragraph was the prompt my teacher gave me. (He thinks up some weird things, that's for sure. They're fun, though.) I only had about fifteen minutes to write this, and I didn't want my story to be similar… Read More
If you asked me in the moment I would have taken it back. But ask me now and it's one of the best mistakes I've ever had. Read More
Bob is on his way home, but when he meets a strange man at the airport, his life is never the same again. Read More
In the mid-eighties, snow-thrower manufacturing firm Toro, launched a promotion where purchasers of snow blower could refund a part of their purchase in the event that the next winter was characterized by modest snowfalls. The amount of money that was refunded was related to the amounts of snowfall thus putting… Read More
This was the first poem I wrote and I hope y'all like it. It was previously published on my old account VampireCigk but I lost my login information and had to start again. Read More

Tags: key, past, secret, beloved

Hard life growing up bearly noticed by anybody never fitted in. But being happy through all that is the key to doors you never thought you could open. Read More

Tags: key, happiness

Book / Other

August 22, 2014

Welcome to Willow Falls, the Sanctuary for the Supernatural. Note - This is still a work in progress. Read More

Tags: key, willow_falls

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