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Isabella Jade Termlocke was the victim of a home invasion that claimed her families life and changed the world she knew forever. Being deaf was a hard enough challenge in life but being kidnapped and held hostage by the same group that robbed her of her hearing and her family… Read More
When Tyson Parker, Nick Kendall, and Addie Kendall are kidnapped from their home in the middle of the night by people who are owed something by the kids dead fathers, they have to find a way to get out of the grasp of the kidnappers and find out what their… Read More
Some serial-killing kidnappers pass through a remote town. Is it a bear that Jessica and David hear while camping? Or is it something, or someone, else? Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

November 04, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Michelle Davis used to be just an average teenager. But on a warm Friday night, her life was changed forever. Michelle becomes an FBI agent. THe pople that changed her life, are back, and they intend to hurt her even more than they all ready have. Dylan is a father.… Read More
Gregory Scott had the good life. The awesome car, the bags of money just waiting to be spent.And, oh, a job as one of the most famous con men in New York City. When Gregory is inevitably tracked down, all hope seemed lost. Now his only hope lies in a… Read More
Silvia is allway on the run. from her parents the athoraty and the goverment. And its all because of he abilitys Read More
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