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The Booksie Classic House

Angel has tried to stay on the right side of law and order. But when threats from her past resurface combine with present dangers to her family, she is pushed to seek justice and retribution on her own terms. Please note this story contains some violence and touches on topics… Read More
looking for a story i read ages ago but i can’t remember the title or author. please help!! Read More
Taken from their homes, Nicholas and Aaron are forced to into a violent environment. They plan their escape. Read More
The main character, Ella, has been drugged and can't remember how she got to where she is. Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 06, 2020

Rain Ross is a 17 year old girl from Chicago. She is tasked with caring for her young brother and ignoring her alcoholic mother until she is attacked and nearly kidnapped by kids her age with powers. Strangers explain that she is a Zodiac, born with special powers based on… Read More
Amy Matters have always been nice to people. Amy has a friend name, Charles Winston. Amy only like Charles as a friend. When Charles's girlfriend breaks up with him Amy start to spend time with him. People warn Amy that Charles want more than friendship. When Amy learns that Charles… Read More
A Single Mom goes Missing, and her 17-year-old Teenage Son has to rescue her. Read More
When Donald Southland learns the child he raised as his own for six years isn't his, he seeks to get compensated. Read More
A 17-year-old Teenage Girl has to rescue her Mom from a Possessed Doll. Read More
Were they prank telephone calls in the middle of the night, or was it a desperate cry for help? The calls eventually force Ken Driscoll, a young accountant, to examine what was important in his life. His job? His relationship with his fiancée? Or the life of the boy at… Read More
What are the odds? Gabe Wakefield is a thief. He is burglarizing the immaculate, suburban home of Dr. Derrick Byrnes, a local podiatrist, and his wife, Denise, when Gabe notices a rank odor coming from a garage closet. Upon opening the door, he discovers an emaciated child clothed only in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Three criminals gather to contemplate a plan to kidnap children but the pun at the end really changes them once they learn the importance of sleep hygiene. Read More
A Beautiful, attractive, Wife and Mother is about to be Kidnapped By a Mysterious Person Named Game Master. Read More
a single divorcee mother is vanished without a trace, it's up to her 17-year-old teenage son to find her. Read More
In a darkness of the night, a peculiar person roams the street. Wearing gasmask and backpack full of cleaning equipments, he provide a rather peculiar service that includes killing and cleaning. But tonight, a client requested something unusual. Read More
Maisie Beckett is a 23-year-old from a small town in Oklahoma. Being an Introvert, Maisie only has a small group of friends whom she trusts. However, she's received numerous friend request on a new app called, "Socigenics", an app, much like Facebook, that allows users to connect with people from… Read More
Writer is a banker by profession. Read More
In 1692, there were 19 people that were executed in Salem. Four hundred years later, a teen finds out that she is a witch. This is hard for her to accept. What would the people of Salem think? Many knew her as a good girl. Would they accept her or… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A year ago today, Carol was kidnapped by an unknown man and kept in captivity for seven days before being released. A nightmare scenario for any young woman, surely? So why is it that she is once more drawn back to the scene of her abduction? Read More
Thomas is a fresh out of high school student, recently accepted into college on the highest scholarship awarded, he's a straight-A student, and while he excels, only one thing holds him back, his love for Scarlett Fitzgerald, but she's gone, dead. in the grave. Thomas is taunted with being the… Read More
Elena is a 22 year old woman, living in New York City. Her father was a major crime boss, until he was killed suddenly. Now, Elena has to work out how to run her fathers business and find out who killed him and why. Read More

Book / Horror

October 15, 2019

Willow is a very lonely woman and not a very beautiful. Willow just broke up with her boyfriend Matthew Ross. Willow is heartbroken. When this clinic start building robots that look like human Willow did not waste any time on buying a robot. The robot she buys calls himself Alex.… Read More
This is a 'sweet' romance, no explicit intimacy. Fee (short for Fiona) is not your average single mother of two. Unable to find work to support her small family, she moves to Boulder Colorado in 1986. Working three jobs, she struggles to make the bills. She meets Sally at the… Read More
Taylor has a best friend and when she is gone, he has to replace her. How can a boy take the place of his best friend, who is a girl? Read More
Writing was the only way I found to break the silence about a child kidnapping the main character won his son's physical custody in the US court (1993), then he decided to return to his home country with the little boy but before leaving the US, he found himself running… Read More
A 29 years old woman named Michelle gets lost in a forest while looking for her old neighbor's dog. As Michelle keeps walking into the deepness of the forest, the young woman twists her ankle and ends up not being capable of returning home, forcing her to stay in the… Read More
Meet Stella, an active, happy 3 year old. Her loving parents follow all the best advice but their lives are destroyed by the horror of losing their beautiful child. Read More

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