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Max and Gnome think they're done with adventuring and can relax at Mendingbrew's house, but when they get there they find all his dolls and action figures have been taken away! They must solve the mystery of what happened, which may involve a mysterious and dangerous organization with a propensity… Read More

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A short fun story about the animals wanting to be King. Read More

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Playtime has never been so lethal, as Kevin and his friends discover the floor has transformed into bubbling, searingly hot, molten lava. Not everyone will survive as they make the treacherous journey from playroom to kitchen, across the dining room and to freedom through flames and choking clouds of smoke,… Read More
Just a few poems to think about. Read More

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Getting to know new surroundings, Henry being used to observing what's going on around him, noticed a little touch of hypocricy. Read More
A tiny cafe with a story of pure love uniting people from generations apart. Read More
Phil, Anne, Tom, Stephanie and Rainbow are English learners aged between 5 and 11. The kids talk about themselves and their experiences, across 15 different conversation topics, and they share the craziest stories, ideas and opinions on life. Read More
Short story entry for Reedsy. The prompt was "Start your story with a character who is always running late arriving somewhere just as it closes." :) Read More
When one of Elin's pranks on her older sister, Sophia, goes too far, she promises to stop her pranks and make up for it. Based on what happens next, Sophia isn't so sure Elin can keep her promise. Read More

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Sorry! This is a very very short ending!! if you can't remember what happened feel free to check the 5th chapter!! Read More
Daniel an orphan finds his way into the world. He ends up meeting a man with a big skeleton in the closet. He meets kids at the mans house and finds out secrets that he shouldn't have and gets into some trouble eventually getting out and finding his place in… Read More
an innocent period from my childhood Read More

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August 20, 2021

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This poem book is dedicated to the friend whom I left.. I am really sorry pal.. I just ignored you when I was twelve.. But now, I know you really do suit me.. Love you so much.. I know that you are reading this.. I am really sorry.. And I… Read More
This is a story for anyone, but I wrote it as a kids story. It is about a small ant that feels as if they are locked up from doing what most other ants can do. This ant ends up adventuring beyond what it is supposed to and what happens… Read More

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ROSE LIVES IN TRANSYLVANIA!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? I was stoned when I heard that.. Go on.. You will see what has happened then.. Read More

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August 06, 2021

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Let's be like Flowers Read More

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Is Rose going to kill Jisoo? But why? For no reason? Do you want to know? Then Go On Guys.. Read More

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July 24, 2021

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Oh! What have you done rain? Read More

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Is it possible?? No way!! Read More
It's a father daughter talk about science. Read More
Do you remember memorizing the poem Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star when you were a child? I do. That’s been around for a long, long time. In fact, it was written by Jane Taylor, an English poet in 1866. For those kids brought up with the Disney experience, there’s Pinocchio of… Read More

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In the summer of 1992, in Poland, the Zilberman family went to the country house of the grandparents to make a peaceful holiday, when an event will change everything... Read More
The Great Escape is about a group of kids that go to Hershey, PA's theme park on an ordinary day...but get an EXTRAORDINARY experience. Read More
Every children's story needs a few good lessons. Read More
Watch Cam's nemeses up close and in the flesh. Read More
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