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Hello and welcome to another thrilling installment of Jack Frost and Fira. In this week's adventure, our hero's face a villain on a train, whilst a boy genius has a big plans for them. Will they play out as he predicts? Find out now in this week's newest addition to… Read More
its really not a humor, its realistic fiction Read More

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October 10, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Hello and welcome to another exciting installment in the ongoing series Jack Frost and Fira. Now, for this installment, Jack Frost and Fira face off against slew of new foes. The dastardly duo, Frankie and Bullhorn, the nefarious Southerner family, the Abrahams (Jebediah, Sheryl, Lexi and Isaac) and their worst… Read More
It's been a few months since the ending of book 2. Koga and his friends are living their lives but are suddenly thrown back into the world of magic and fighting when Demon Skull attacks their Homecoming at school. Now Koga and his friends must work together to stop… Read More
Hey, guys! So, this is the first book I ever wrote (I was in first grade). I hope you like it! Sorry for all of the mistakes, I was six. Read More
Welcome to another exciting installment in this ongoing series, Jack Frost and Fira. Now, in this installment, Jack Frost and Fira come face to face with an new villain, Carl the Spirit Master. Will our heroes prevail in stopping this sinister foe, find out in this thrilling adventure! Read More
It's here ladies and gentlemen. The first in a new initiative for my Booksie page. This is the first in an ongoing series of stories chronicling the adventure of the costumed crime fighters, Jack Frost and Fira. Set in the city of Braidsville, Canada, every weak Jack Frost and Fira… Read More
a fairy tale based on hansel and gretel but about girl named etta Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Children's parents are kidnapped and they need to save them Read More
An ode to innocents. Read More
Red has to escape and what about Mod and Siri? Find out. Read More
Red is trapped and Aroma is alone, will things get better for the kids? Find out Read More
Do you think you understand time travel? Are you creative enough to play with unknown theories? Find out. Read More
Do you love to dance, these kids sure do, but what happens when they find a reality where dancing is illegal? Find out. Read More
The being is possessing Doctors, but for what? Find out. Read More
Check out Red and his friends as they visit new realities, and maybe fall in love. Find out Read More
After their last encounter with the Being, the kids must find peace and learn the way to protect themselves from Him. Read More
Red is trapped by the evil Being in his dreamscape, can anyone help him? Find out. Read More
Just because they live on a beach doesn't mean that the kids don't have problems and they decide to fix their problems with sic-fi gadgets. how does is work out for them? Find out. Read More
Red thought the portal might be an interesting hobby, but after today he may change his mind! Read More
A kid gets wrongfully blamed for causing trouble and his mother won't stand for it. Read More

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Everybody loves their mother so do I but there are certain instances where you make her go mad which gives her minor heart attack! So this book is all about that. Have fun reading! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A simple experience of someone whose reality mirrors none. Read More
the corruption of the foster care system is often ignored and here’s why. Read More
its about a girl who becomes the queen of the beautiful magical place and adventure that follows..... Read More
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