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Mr. Pickle helps all the other pickles in his community, but he still feels as though he has no friends. He finds out that he, in fact, has plenty of friends when they decided to do something special for him. Read More

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A girl named Autumn befriends a katydid who follows her home after dance class. She names it Yuan, and discovers the power of friendship and the pain of loss. Read More
This story is about a little boy joker. He likes to play a lot and he never works. All he does to pass his time is play jokes on people. But later in his life he'll have a wide awakening. Read More
The Tickles are a tiny race of creatures that feed off of laughter. What happens when they are faced with someone that isn't ticklish? Read on and find out. Read More
The unlikely friendship between a cucumber and a caterpiilar. Read More
Bobby had a long life, and it's funny how the life of a brick tends to follow that or the people around it. Read More
Bertleby the Pumpkin is the story of a pumkin that has spent his life in the pumpkin patch, and is getting ready for a great celebration! Read More
This is the first story from a series of children\\'s short stories called, \\"The Piggi Family Tales.\\" The stories are about a family of pigs known as ‘piggis,\\' and have been written to help teach children important and fundamental social skills (e.g. manners, sharing and teamwork). There are also links… Read More
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