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In this magical world every thing is there for every one but there is no important one it is only one security for girls girls are only the important magic of creating world for that girls why there is no security what is the reason? Read More
Maria expected to have a normal day in her small town village, however, Olivia, her best friend, came running to her and begged for her help. Olivia carried a suspicious looking bag and asked Maria to come with her into the woods. Read More

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The Realistic Fantasy House

In the sincere hope that your treatment is successful. Read More

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This was a real war; and is fought by real men. Read More
i was murdered and how it went unnoticed by the world. Read More
Bill Cooper was an enemy of the subversive state headquartered in Washington D.C. He was a soldier on the frontline, and not two months after his enemies struck down the Twin Towers, those he was up against were sent to capture the man, DOA. Read More
John and Abigail has been married for 6 months and decided to have some qualities time for their second honeymoon at The Great Bear Lake. They are mad in love and nothing could tear them apart. And all of sudden, something terrible happened during the deer hunting, one of them… Read More
For 10 months everything was clear. Today it all came crashing down in less than 200 words. 200 insensitive, tactless, blunt words. Read More
It has been over a year, UK residents feared the terror that struck the country. The victims are red Saab Aero X model drivers. One day they drive and the next day, they disappear. Only the vehicle is stranded. Did the Alien take them away from the earth? Did the… Read More
travelling by train, he finds that someone has murdered four people.... Read More
A brief discussion about the facts concerning banning High Capacity Magazines and Assault look alike weapons and the results of doing so. Read More
Rita never imagined that someone from New York City would move to the same small town in Iowa where she is living. She knows Travis and in NYC, he belonged to a gang. Rita wants nothing to do with Travis because her father just happened to be killed by a… Read More
A successful actor gets kidnapped by his wife and her boyfriend. I based this story off of Holy Grail by Jay Z Read More
A short horror story about a girl that was killed by herself. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I thought nothing about becoming a bride to a dead guy. This summer was supposed to be about me and my best friend. But my careless actions left her dead, and left me to become wed to the most powerful Vampire heir ever. He's arrogant and cold hearted and defiantly… Read More
So last year I was put into a program called Teen Court for a misdemeanor. There were a few things we had to do, & one of the assignments involved depicting a teenage criminal's story in a creative way. I decided to write a poem. It is based of an… Read More
What are we put on this earth for if not to be there for one another.? Have a great day and bless someone in some little way today! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this poem is all about a man who has gone through alot of hard times just to ask a girl ou Read More
taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time" Read More

Short Story / Horror

November 17, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Two children try to escape the demon (an abussive father) thinking they can escape this horror. Read More
If you've lived a hard life, and you've seen it all, you'd understand why Shaine is the way she is. Facing trauma, and robbed of her innocent mind at a young age. Relying on strangers her entire life, and then coming to the realization she is a stranger to herself.… Read More
creative writing in paragraph style :) I hope you enjoy! :P Read More
A young girl scout is selling her cookies, she goes to a manor of which everyone is scared of. outside she sees 4 gravestones, for 4 different ladies, only one of which was known. She feels an urge to go up to the door and enter. She finds the man… Read More
A short fictional story about losing a friend as a child. Read More
A father is describing how his son has changed after he has returned for the war. Read More
-Not finished yet- An environment worker becomes trapped in Sierra Leone with no way out. Let me know what you think! Read More
A day in india who has awaken evryone . May be it changes the life of a lot of people and for sure of them who has suffered . Just writed a poem on that .. Otherwise , i haven't anything to say ....... Read More

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