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the second part of a series that I am working on is about a group of cannibalistic people that live in the deep woods of Minnesota. depending on the number of reads, likes, and comments. I might continue to make more of them and finely combine them into a book. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

We need to come together instead of drifting apart. Read More
The spider's point of view before it gets smashed! Read More
A woman is followed in a bad neighborhood and must decided how to handle the situation. Little does she know the outcome will be better than she could have ever imagined. Read More
20 year old Kanary Miller finds herself in bind once she wakes up tied and gagged up. Who did this to her and why is what she wants to know. Follow her as a new side of her is unleashed and her family falls apart. Read More
Dark uniforms, grey morals, masks, and questionable ethics. Just a bunch of sods doing shenanigans, banters, dumb rants, and occasional serious stuff in a totally legit Private Military Company. Read More
In a darkness of the night, a peculiar person roams the street. Wearing gasmask and backpack full of cleaning equipments, he provide a rather peculiar service that includes killing and cleaning. But tonight, a client requested something unusual. Read More
This is a prequel to the cult classic video game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. What started as an alien discovery turns into a brutal, disgusting fight for what's right. Each victim is methodically chosen and each story dives deeper into the origins of Dr. Tongue his wrath on the human… Read More
Lucas and Cashton have been through so much trying to establish something neither of them saw coming. Lucas did his best to keep his personal and professional life separate and safe. Cashton dedicated himself, ignoring his fears, to his new Dom. Despite their efforts Headquarters has put Lucas in a… Read More
These five group of men decide that they all want more profit as one would. The plan doesn't go accordingly but technically, it went just fine... Read More
Amanda Wayland, a girl, who is socially wallflower as she is just a timid, quiet and superordinary girl has to race against time in saving her twin from the carefully planned murder before Halloween. Read More
My first book.I worked hard on it and spent hours to write it so I hope it's good. Read More

Poem / Horror

August 01, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The story of a broken soul. Read More
Axel's encounter with a mutant in the forest Read More

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The Review Chain House

Tags: murder, poem, killing, log

Someone is killed. Who is the killer really? What can anyone do about it? Read More
My thoughts on Justifiably killing in the line of duty. Read More
This is an opinion piece about the difficult situation faced by province of Kwazulu Natal.The killing of people for political reasons is a very immature thing and im asking the officials in senior positions to do something. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 02, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Hurt people hurt people. Read More
Reflections on murder as an artform. Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 19, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem came into my head because I was thinking of Mars as the planet of war. Read More

Tags: horses, sword, killing

Raised in one of their country´s poorest cities, a couple of siblings will have to fight all odds when disgrace comes barging in through the door. Alcohol as never been a sweeter resort. Read More
The Cricket is a religious story about a nine-year-old Jewish boy named Jacob who spends a hot autumn day with his Muslim grandfather in San Francisco. Jacob wantonly kills a cricket. His grandfather is not concerned about the death of the cricket, but by the attitude of his grandson. His… Read More

Tags: killing

This story is in the point of view of a young teenage girl who has been kidnapped. She is locked up and has to escape before it is to late. Will she break free or die? Find out by reading. Read More

Tags: scary, killing, kidnap

This is the final few pages of my series "Tales of a Repentant Sinner", so, you know spoiler alert. Chance Allen is a killer who has spent seven years in a gang, before leaving to wander. His life has been one of near misses, gunfights and even swordfighting. He's made… Read More
Consequences of mistreatment Read More
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