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Questa storia è completa su Wattpad. Qua comincio a pubblicare qualcosa per vedere se piace Read More

Poem / Fantasy

October 24, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

7 lights, 13 darknesses. One will know defeat. Read More
Haiiii this story is based on readers feedback so please comment or message me it would help me out greatly! __ CAROLINE POV What the HELL is he talking about? I raised an eyebrow looking around at the guys besides Genesis and Zexion who were busy reading but the… Read More
One by one, it all fell to darkness. One by one, no one was able to stop what had been created. Titian, a wonderful world created by angels. This world was the first of many to come and is located at the center of the multi-verse. A magical world with… Read More
Naminè was the happiest girl alive, not one thing could bring her down. That was until she said walked into a scene that would forever haunt her mind since then everything changed. The love of her life left her behind for another making the young girl lock herself away in… Read More
Vanitas was a major music producer and of course that meant he was well known, especially to women. He was like an angel from heaven itself and no one could turn him down, that was until he left the love of his life behind in the past. Now almost a… Read More
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