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After uncovering the remnants of a total-governing operating system in the heart of East Wing City, Knightwatch Guild devises a plan to full-dive into WorldRunner and destroy it once and for all, but when a consequential fight leads to an unexpected system crash, Omuri, Vyne, Kitto and Yokumi must… Read More
In a century-old academy where the upperclassmen descendants of a powerful group of seven baron families, known as the Seven Gems, can establish dynasties, rally underclassmen to their causes, and even go to war, donning family heirloom class rings signifying their status among the rich student populace, young Cyrus Connigan… Read More
Thought things were finally making sense? Guess again--Knightwatch Guild is in for yet another insane school year with completely new circumstances altogether! Read More
The world may never know who they truly are, but as a sub-unit cell within the elusive and infamous K.W.A.H., the untold story of Fox Squad finally comes to light. Read More
When Yokumi Tano's old drone suddenly reconnects to his datapad carrying over several distress calls from an unknown source, and a fuzzy image of what appears to be the original East Wing Academy school complex, Tenekzu Higiyama decides to look into it along with Kiata Soto, only to find that… Read More

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After a genius hacker begins using the internet to assassinate political figures, an ex-member of a radical philantrhopist organization is tasked with tracking the hacker down, but to do so, he must enlist the help of a handful of unusual--and equally dangerous--individuals to form an off-the-books coalition. Read More
Just when everyone thought that the chaos created by the radical operations group known as the K.W.A.H. was over, a new branch of the original Gear Hunters arises in pursuit of the many mysterious creations and secrets of known tactician and legendary soldier and genius, Kent Miller, meanwhile exposing the… Read More
(For those of you following the Knightwatch series) Deep within the school archives are the historical origins of each guild established there--all except for Knightwatch Guild. There are, however, a mysterious collection of letters written by unknown upperclassmen, whose whereabouts and conditions remain a mystery... Read More
There's more to East Wing Academy than meets the eye. In fact, there's more to the entire front school system than Knightwatch Guild can uncover--but before they can get too deep into figuring out what is happening, the unusual members of the rebel guild find themselves the target of a… Read More

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