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What is a blithe little shadow? It's that petrol emotion, of course. Read More
It is the tale of a boy who found a magical fish. Read More

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This short story was inspired by a song by Linkin Park, but I don't remember which one and The Last Airbender. Read More
Poem is about the true love. This poem is in under Bookies copyright law so do not try to copyright it. Thanx... Read More
A girl falls in love with the koi pond in her garden until a near tragic accident occurs. Read More
Amabell learned the hard way that one should run away when fish try to start conversations with them. Now, she finds herself in a strange town, located at the bottom of the community park's pond. Some dark things are at work in the tiny town of Pond Gates, and escaping… Read More
The most personal body of poetry I have ever written. It Chronicles my struggle with (and victory over) depression. Each poem represents a different stage in my journey and I transform from Turtle->Koi->Phoenix->Dragon. Enjoy. Read More
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