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A lesson in the real "Meaning of Life" frorm the countryside of South Korea Read More
While on a lengthy tour for the band "The Stargazers" South Korean pop stars Izzy and Bell realize that there's more to life than concerts, lights and blasting music. And they just might be missing out on it all. -This story is part of the Team Blue Universe (TBU) Read More
Why did he have to say "Hello" when it could only ever end with a "Goodbye"? Lucinda Of all the summer dance programs in the world, Lee Minhyuk enrolled in mine. I was in New York; he was from Seoul. I may have only been thirteen, but I'd fallen in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I'm a 28-year-old, shut-in, anti-social, anime otaku, gaming, yuri-loving, NEET... what can go wrong? Read More
Two young hearts ran away, not even thinking their responsibilities left behind. Charlie Paulson and his girlfriend Jinny White, ran away because Charlie's mom doesn't approve of their relationship. Charlie came from a wealthy family and seeing him with a low-class girl makes his mom's blood boil. … Read More
Part 3 of my story. Disclaimer: I do not own the image I am using for my story. Read More
Part 2 of my story. Disclaimer: I do not own the image I'm using for my story. Read More
Scary Tales from an English Teacher in Korea. Disclaimer: I don't own the image I am using for my story but thought it fit so I'm using it. It is an image from the movie "Whispering Corridors" and be sure to read Part 2 & 3 too. Read More
A young man learns from an old vet-about the truths of War Read More
Week one of a 31 week short story challenge. Time seems to bend when you least expect it. This is a short story about a girl experiencing a eerie time loop. Read More
A poem about K-pop Henry. Read More
"Here" I said as I held out my jacket. He looked at me as he shook his head with a smile. "I can't take it, it's supposed to be the other way around now" "Who says?" As he was about to say something I interrupted him "im your friend and… Read More
In a letter to her mother, Min Kyung writes to her mother to inform of her stay in America and the challenges she's endured while trying to master the English language. Read More
An incomplete list on my wishful thinking. Read More
Why can't Trevor sleep, who pinches him to waking? Read More
A short, mild episode introducing a boy, a doctor, and a vampiric nutcase in a South Korean hospital. Please note that lines spoken in Korean have quotation along with speech marks, "'like so'". Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kahi and Hyoyeon are dance teachera at SM Entertainment and are dating solo artists Son Dam Bi and Onew. For the first time in their careers they are facing some trouble focusing on their teaching as they have two new additions to their classes - Jung Ah and Eunhyuk. The… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Foreword Characters: • Park Kahi • Kim Jung Ah • Lee Jooyeon • Kim Rebekah (Bekah) • Kim Yoo Jin (Uie) • Im Jin Ah (Nana) • Oh Hye Rin (Raina) • Park Sooyong (Lizzy) • Noh Yi Young (E-young) • Park Yoochun – Kahi’s boyfriend (ex-boyfriend in real life)… Read More
A component of red wine has been found to improve mobility for older people, according to a new study. Read More

Book / Romance

December 02, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Yuri is a former wolf demon who ruled the lands of Korea. As a demon, she knew nothing about human emotions nor did she want to understand it, until one day another wolf demon appears telling her the wonders of human heart. He told her by understanding it, you realize… Read More
In 1949, a rape victim struggles to recover and reclaim her life. Rated PG for strong language and mature subject matter. Read More
A component of red wine has been found to improve mobility for older people, according to a new study. Researchers from a university in Pittsburgh have specified resveratrol, a natural-occurring compound that is also present in red wine, could aid in improving mobility of older people and subsequently prevent falls.… Read More
It's present day, 2012, and a young journalist is hired by the police to interview a man in custody. The said captive is known only by the name Reid, and he doesn't seem to want to talk to anyone, even under the threat of the death penalty, except for someone… Read More
a romance of a smart girl and a guy with a great voice (note! every one in this story is pretty and handsome like you guys!! so why don't you think as the main characters as you!! girls like Lia Boys like Bin!) and if it is in (bracket with… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Robert Ballentine's hostile takeover of America in 2036 goes remarkably well until the so-called king decides to choose a teen queen. A king may beat a queen in poker, but Ballentine's top choice is wildly dangerous. She bluffs like a poker player, but she's actually playing chess. Read More
Japan met a beautiful woman after a meeting with Russia. He cant get her out of his head. What will he do? A pairing from Axis Powers Hetalia. Japan x Belarus. Its a little bit of an old writing, but one that I am picking up. Read More
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