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I've been kind of spending more time attempting to meet new people. Im kind of an extrovert although I feel as though my people skills could use a bit polishing so ive been practicing skills since im aiming for a leadership role at my job while im school. This is… Read More
Through the voice of man the words of the lord can be spoken. Remember that you make the difference, you are wise and kind and your life is worth living. Read More
This will be a strory in my Cabria account next saturday. Read More
A poem about......well you decide :) Read More

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The The Grand Circus House

I swear this was supposed to be an actual poem lol :) enjoy Read More

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The The Grand Circus House

I finally feel like I'm back from the brink of filing for bankruptcy. my life is getting so much better. Read More
On the planet of Theogas in a universe overseen by Gods that govern every planet in existence 8 young teens have succumb to the grip of a war that is brewing. An event is taking place that victimizes the Gods themselves and affects the very fabric of the universe… Read More
Dont forget that ot does end Read More
The reality. I will be.writing poems from my phone for a bit I feel like i they come out more inspired that way. Read More

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The The Grand Circus House

I'm not in my center, I want to be in my center, we should be in my center Read More
If I see you in my room again I'll fucking kill you Read More
A poem that will turn into a book :) A new thriller Read More
Just a poetic poem for poetry by a poet Read More
Damien loved Laura and he loves his star, Follow his story and figure out, if it was worth it. Read More
This poem....tell me what you make of it Read More
Welcome to the second installment of the Barker House, I am seriously hoping to get some type of participation in this one. I loved doing the first one so finger crossed. Read More
A prayer to myself for myself to thank myself for me :) and prayer for you to thank you for you Read More
Joel woke up one morning, remembering his past, just a month ago he lost his Girlfriend and before that he had lost everything. He is a man rebuilding his life and today the remnants of his pain and how it shattered are all falling down upon him once again… Read More
Ehh Still a bit bored and I reached a block on Happy thoughts again........sooo enjoy my flash fiction. Read More
The Consortium has just captured the fabled "Murder God" and have imprisoned him in their most stable facility yet. Now they must speak to and gain a bit of knowledge on this entity. and recount the story of his rampage. Author note: I've been planning out Happy… Read More
Do you know the worst part about losing yourself Read More

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Ill kill someone ill murder them Read More
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