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This is another from my phone I was going crazy and tried studying to occupy my time but it isnt working. Enjoy (Once again ignore the typos i cant edit very well with my phone) Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

:( I wrote this on my phone so the editing might be a bit off Sorry ill edit when i can Read More
This is my Collab with Ms. Midnight I need 300 reads so I can defeat my enemy.Thank you Read More

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The Land of Dragons House

Come burn with me Read More
Grey eyes demon Read More
Hello everyone welcome to the Barker House Anthology a compilation of several wonderful writers who were brave enough to enter the depth of the Barker house and show what they could do when faced with twisted opportunities. (And this is only the beginning?) Authors: Hullabaloo22 Miss Midnight Sk.Inslinger CA Sechler… Read More

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The Land of Dragons House

Something that i realize about myself. Read More

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The Land of Dragons House

A poem to live your dreams you should live your dreams. it is all possible Read More
This is the 42nd page to the Psalms of Negastorm and her angels. Enjoy Read More

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The Land of Dragons House

A poem I wanted to write Read More

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