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Kerri Dalee didn’t grow up in a religious family. In fact, the last time Kerri went to church, she only attended for the cool door prizes and food served at Vacation Bible School. But when her wealthy roommate, Stephanie, gets engaged, Kerri’s finds that her only hope for financial survival… Read More
Ace and Kristen have just started college, and Ace is perhaps a bit *too* interested in seeing her dorm room. Read More
It's a lazy spring afternoon, school's almost out, and all Ace wants to do is waste the day away lying beside his best friend. Read More
It's been a tiring week for Ace and all he wants to do is curl up in his girlfriend's lap and fall asleep. Read More

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Ace has always wanted kids, but now that the big day is fast approaching he's finding himself a little more than nervous. Luckily, he has his wife to comfort him. Read More
Ace and Kristen share a moment as they wait for the arrival of their first child. Read More
It's a girl getting up the nerve to tell her best friend that she loves him. But her timing couldn't be worst. She tells him at his wedding. Read More
Well, being someone is quite cool or pretending to be, but being me is ever more cooler! Read More
Kristen Haines doesn't believe in love, she thinks it is all a myth, pure fiction. Kristen think that love and happily ever afters only belong in books. Kristen used to believe in love, that is until the love of her, Lucas Marks, broke her heart. Lucas Marks, a drop dead… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Okay so my friend tristen wanted a story written wit her name. no this isnt her real life. this is made up. its a online diary kind of thing. somthing new or me but i thought id try it. Hope you like it so far tristen. Read More

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January 07, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Sequel to Poseidon. (-cheering sounds-) :D Um...Okay, let's see if I can sum this up... Rachel and Chase are over, school ends, and then Rachel gets a job lifeguarding, and Rachel learns one of Chase's biggest secrets... I guess that sounds good. :] Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ivy was going to the Islands when she finds out the person who was taking her got murdered. Her father. She tells the police her father killed himself, but sets out to find her father's murderer. She knows who the murderer is but she's not going to take it to… Read More
Kristen is just your average teenager. A little strange in her way of thinking sometimes, she'd be the first to admit that much, but still just a "normal teenager". Summer is quickly aproaching and it appears that it'll be the same as every year... just Kristen and the gang, chilling… Read More
heehee. So I did this for L.A. I thought I'd post it...pretty much so I could add another little tab to my portfolio. XD Read More
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