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After moving to Aberdeen,Seattle, Zoe finds herself caught in the middle of a forming band, the battle with addiction,and even finding the person she loves. Read More
First wrote this on my blog (www.anthonyjpiccione.blogspot.com) in early June 2013, in response to the Paris Jackson suicide attempt and her reasoning behind it. In this post, I shared my thoughts and insight regarding Paris Jackson, Marilyn Manson, teen depression and suicide. Read More
A poem about Nirana's song Polly, and Kurt Cobain. Read More
A college research project...A look into the death of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana. Was his death a suicide? Or was he murdered? Read More
there was a man without a face beneath my feet and i nudged his would-be nose with the toe of my boot. he would have groaned, i think. his would-be eyes stared up at me, cherry and full of liquid. there was also a shotgun. Read More
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