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Sometime i write out of anger. Not really any,crazy but i feel like it. Read More
pretty smiles deceiving laughs and people who dream with their eyes open lonely children unanswered cries and souls who have given up hoping The other thing that breaks hearts R fairy tales that never come true and selfish people who lie 2 me selfish people just like u Read More

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Matty B: ruthless killer, ladies man, swag pioneer, is facing his biggest challenge yet...the hood kids. Read More
Not much is taught about Sudan and its rich history. So I wrote this for all my Sudanese. Never been, but want to visit Kosti where my father is from. Read More
Taz Lee is twelve year old boy who had always thought he was a regular kid that was growing up fast and just trying to fit in. So in doing that he ends up going to a party to get wasted in which doesn’t end up going well for him.… Read More
A couple wakes up, then bakes up. Read More

Short Story / Humor

September 16, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This is basically a story in progress about my life, and what I do every day. Judge all you want, but some pretty interesting shit happens. If you smoke weed, you will understand. Read More
Have you read the new revised edition of The Kings Of Pickens Hill- Life Is Stranger Than Fiction? It’s not just another factious crime novel! No, it’s much more than that! This novel vividly details the realistic struggles of a rural town’s fight against gangs, drugs, and drug dealers. Follow… Read More

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