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Tired of being sold to 24 hours aday, Paul's had enough, the lies, the twisting statstics and the total bollocks, Its time to make the voices stop. Read More
After a accident accord in the Taryanna qcity lab, three workers were highly affective to the point were they was almost no longer human. They tested their new found strength and decided to help the one ones who can't help themselves. Alas someone else wanted the complete opposite. Read More

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Zaki, a young and energetic teenager, sees a strange phenomenon in the forest at night, unable to sleep due to the fear of being pranked by the other team. A magical being comes to his rescue as he gets lost in the forest trying to solve the mystery... Read More
this story is about a group of people in the future that run into problems at a laboratory Read More

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What happens when Dr. Alice Evanston makes a major scientific breakthrough- a serum that'll help her wheelchair confined husband, Matthew to walk again....but, ends up accidentally turning him into a monster? CAST MEMBERS: Matt Smith as Matthew David Tennant as Martin Rooney Mara as Dr.Alice Oona Chaplin as Deirdre Chris… Read More
The story involves time travel that is just been discovered, and a guy that uses it without permission. --- First of 2 chapters Read More
Is time travel possible I think yes and they are sending messages back as we speak. Beyond 2000 a TV show in 1999 with Gillian Anderson, In the program she said they are already doing it sending messages and film footage back in time. They send a beam into space… Read More
“The moment you realize the life you have is nothing but a fake; the dishonesty of life pushing its slimy, disarrayed walls up where my once comfortable, most elegant stockade embroidered with family, friends and enjoyable well-made future on its path. It all changed, came crashing down pathetically around my… Read More

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Goblins used to be just annoying. Then they learned how to make bombs. Read More
taken from my book, "As The Marker Snaps" Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

April 27, 2014

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Could something be lurking behind Catherine's flawlessness? Read More
The continuation of EX0L8, BOOK 1. Sara continues her journey to Florida, in a race against the Director who gave her the name, 'EX0L8', his most prized experiment. Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 02, 2014

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The city of Atlantis. The lost legend lost no more. But is the risk worth the secrets swimming around behind each pillar? Read More
Okay SO yeah...this is a portion of the animation when Rikki (A female wolf) gets captured..I haven't fully developed the story..but anyway.. scary thought this song was playing when I was dreaming if I do make this into an animation..considering I cant produce actual sounds ..which I know might… Read More
My experience in a great institution which could have changed my life.. Read More

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The Megaleioths has no age, no gender, and a sadistic sense of humor, as a young Todd Anderson is about to find out. He just wants a job; the Megaleioths wants a toy. When Todd is handed the ownership of an entire mysterious laboratory, the Megaleioths begins poisoning his mind,… Read More
“I am 14 years old stop treating me like a child!”...... Ray was a normal teenage girl at 14 years old. until the night she ran away. She was caught by some...... Will they succeed or will she finally escape...... Read on to experience Rays story. I only just started… Read More
I go to become a shampoo designer when my idea goes out of hand Read More
A test subject is used for another subject and must convince him the life he is living is real. But when enough is enough, mild betrayal becomes more severe when she is asked to put him through the test that she had failed. Read More
Darnus, a boy with powers, is made for one, and one purpose only. He is the government's secret weapon. He tries to escape, but could he fit into this world or will his instincts kill us all? Read More
So a few weeks ago I entered a writing competition (don't think I've got through but hey!) and this was my very last minute very cheesy very random entry :DD Read More

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Two teens grown in a lab for 15 years has finally been found by FBI agent, Kayla Woods. She has no idea what she got herself into. Savannah Kern 10% Harris hawk and 90% human. Mike Loot 10% Northern Harrier, 89% Human, and 1% fire. They are one of the… Read More
“Juggernaut was taking a stroll on Collins Avenue in North Miami Beach; the Sun was slowly setting and the breeze was cold, it can get cold in Miami in January, thought Juggernaut, then suddenly he heard a voice shouting his name “Hey Juggernaut, is it you,” Juggernaut looked back to… Read More
in this story Bill takes Dave and uses him for lab test Read More

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Book / Young Adult

February 16, 2011

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One girl has struggled her hole life because of science. What will happen now that Science is abandoning her? Read More
As a first-year medical student Maya attends anatomy lab to dissect a corpse or in medical jargon cadaver to learn more about human body from a dead person to understand a living one. Read More

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“Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m 23 Years Old And I’ve Seen Countless People Die” The Institute Is A Medical Hell. Set In 2010, Recent Times, Humans Are Experimented On To Search For New Medical Break-Through. The Institute Was Abandoned By The Government In 2008 And Since Then Has Been Run By… Read More
this girl has really! action packed adventure based.... Read More
So bassically, this is another home work assingment, and was sick and tired of trying to write persuasive essays that really move you, so, I just said "what the heck!" and went with something about duct tape! Try to enjoy! Read More
I wish for people to read the book first... see it's better than a summery. Read More
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