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The young have sold out and become politically correct cabbages; doing whatever they are told! Read More

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The two major political parties in this country conspire with the rich against the rights of the poor. Read More
Song from the 1970s or early 1980s about the horrors of being working class in a fascist society. Read More
In 2007 Australia's two main parties (Liberal and Labor) effectively merged for a single election to stomp a third party out of existence. Although Australia First was a ratbag party, next time it could be an important party. The Rape of Democracy in Australia must never be forgiven and must… Read More
Once known as The Lucky Country, Australia is now very unlucky for the poor and unemployed, who are treated like dirt by the fascist elite who now run this country. Read More
A sequel of sorts to Changes, written 30 years after the original poem. Read More
In 1999 Australia had a referendum to become a republic. The referendum failed because we were offered an undemocratic model. At that time I wrote this democratic model, which I have recently revised. Read More
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