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In accordance with Britain leaving the EU, I thought it appropriate to share my analysis and perspectives of how Brexit impacted Labour's 2019 election campaign and how it contributed to their subsequent defeat The article itself is part of an essay that I'm writing that takes a look at the… Read More
A brief analysis as to why the debate surrounding the National Living Wage in the UK should be shaped around wealth disparity and inequality rather than a question of isolated affordability Read More
A poem intended to talk about the downtrodden, the disillusioned and the disheartened in Our Modern Generation. Read More
This is my attempt at Dickens. Which should make an interesting read since I have never completed reading a Dickens Novel to my utter shame. But yes, read and enjoy, leave a comment as well and let me know what you all think, especially if you hate it! :) However… Read More
A short poem about the working person. Read More
A genuine thought I had, I believe it to be a particular grey area. A minute of your time would be an honour of mine Read More

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Juliet suddenly goes into labour in the back of her husband's work van! Luckily Brett her husband is there to deliver their daughter. But something goes horribly wrong. Read to unvail the panic and desperation of a husband whose loosing his wife. I'm not very good at summaries as you… Read More

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January 26, 2012

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A truthful opinion about a 13 year british life of the new labour years from a dedicated passionate member. Read More
A young woman watches on as nature around her suffers in agony from a large storm sweeping across the Australian city of Sydney. All seems well for the young woman in the comfort of her warm house, until pain strikes herself, sharing with nature the agony and sacrifice that must… Read More

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This is a peom of how I had gotten to Canada. I am from Sri Lanka where there was a war and this is part of my story. Read More
These are letters I wrote for an RS project. They are from the POV of Jewish Prisoners of War during the Holocaust in WW2. The first bit is what I used as the 'description' of my piece, (the letters were tied up in a bundle along with some pictures, with… Read More

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January 01, 2011

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Slave try's to understand God, and why God lets the slaves suffer. Read More
Nicole Collins, believed to be the "Good girl" finds herself pregnant at a young age, but is unaware of who the father is. Perhaps her loving boyfriend, Andrew is the father, or is it David, the romantic stud who victimized Nicole in brutal rape? Nicole lives her life, dealing with… Read More
This one is about our underprivileged brethren...Wrote these lines after seeing a girl running after each vehicle in a traffic junction. Read More
This is my first short story , it is an account of my choice between two life styles, that of the educated upperclass and that of the hard working lower class. Hope you enjoy. Read More

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Connie Sullivan is just like any normal teenager, she has a family, friends and an amzing boyfriend. Until, she goes to sleep one night and wakes up in a completely different place, where humans are treated as animals. Connie thinks shes in hell, but what does hell have in store… Read More
The poem contains the pain of a heart who keeps a lot of things hidden....! Read More

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Slavery really needs to stop now, coz I'm really against it. If you find this offensive, don't even bother to put up an argument and stupid exsuses. Coz, I'll just delete it, coz I'm extremely angry just to think about People suffering. I hope you enjoy this. . . Especially… Read More
Have you ever stopped and looked at who leads us and how they came to be put in those roles? I have and i don't like it. Read More
A sign of the times Sing along to this with the tune from "Matchstick men, matchstick cat's and dog's" Read More
A political piece for anyone who's had enough of being led into the depression by an unelected leader. Read More

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February 27, 2009

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Louis "Studs" Terkel: An American writer who was, truly, unique. Specializing in "oral" histor(y)ies. In 1974, when Richard M. Nixon resigned the Office of U.S. President, Terkel wrote one of the most unusual oral histories ever published. Entitled: "Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How… Read More

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Is there hope for these unskilled laborers who trek to work everyday and have never known a better life? Read More
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