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Adekoya Adetunji is the best poet ready to wow your world. Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

October 02, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Written for all those caught up in this morning's mass shooting in Las Vegas. Our hearts and sympathy goes out to them. Read More

Book / Thrillers

August 29, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Mature Audience Is Advised. This is a Five-Star Must Read Shadows of Obsession: A Romance Novel, which cautions us that sometimes one touch, one taste of undulated ecstasy, or a one chance encounter is all it takes to be the object of someone's affection, or your secret… Read More
In a fifties time setting, an officer and detective enlist a meager secretary to hunt down a famous crime boss in Las Vegas with the help of his disgruntled, and beautiful, newly ex-wife. Read More
The world of “Casino” is a mix of the world of money and the world of entertainment. This is why it suits so well the United States of America, having fun making money. Robert, the casino manager, will show you how to do it. Read More
Olivia Grace is a private detective ... and a millionaire. She sets out on a quest to find her best friend's killer. However, two problems get in the way of completing her quest: she'd just taken on a major case from Butler Farms and a strong addiction to gambling. She'd… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 29, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

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Jake and the group he's with are in a desperate struggle to get home after they had just escaped a city which was plunged into a nightmare. Nothing is for certain, but Jake does have a confession to make that will answer many questions. Read More
What if you suddenly became the last person on earth? Read More
Kilgore Trout takes Pablo Picasso to see who owns one of his masterpieces. Pablo meets the famous writer and doesn't like her, nor does he like the owner of his painting of his mistress. Picasso takes action and causes a stink about the place called sin city. Read More
Brittany, Noah, and Zane are in Vegas for the first time. Who knows what will happen... or what feelings will surface. Noah's hoping Zane will finally see him as more than a friend, or does he already? Read More
Do not use this book as a travel guide, or even as a loose reference leaflet, to any North American destination in my beautiful Canada or my good pal, the U.S.A. This book is more about my observations and the stuff we all saw and gossiped about on the way… Read More
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