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Two people on the run for a crime she didn't mean to commit. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

October 14, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A brother struggles to find his identity in the unforgiving town of Las Vegas. Read More
This fantastic book that covers Elvis Presley's life between 1953 and 1978. The book contains hundreds of links, photos, videos, and more. This book creates a fully interactive experience right down to the images of Elvis. The links in the book are engineered to present Elvis images in a chronological… Read More

Book / Thrillers

September 09, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

John McIver ,a gambling addict is a man on a mission,he has to win eighty grand in five days to pay off the biggest gangster in Glasgow,if he doesn't then his family will be targeted,he has left his ex-wife and his two sons and a young daughter,all of them unaware… Read More
well im working on this chapter i am trying to put together a book about my adventures as a kid this chapter is about my trip to tijwanna with a couple buddies pretty wild but fun overall this is about half the chapter so far let me no watcha think!! Read More
As gray weather rolls in, a discontent roulette gambler toils outside a Las Vegas cafe. Read More
The latest installation of the adventures of depraved author and lovable addict Joel Finnerty is a caper that spares no one: the mob, the government, religion, and is of course strung together with the patchwork of drugs, degeneracy, conspiracy, circus -like characters and old-man nudity that typifies a day in… Read More
Life for Viola isn't easy, seeing that she is now a vampire and her boyfriend who turned her left her. Now she needs to make it on her own in Las Vegas, Sin City. What will become of her when she falls in love with a human who loves her… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

February 13, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Inspired by The Hunger Games and my own Experiment X...C. Harrison and I bring you...DROP ZONE! THE YEAR: 2510 | 35 EXPERIMENTS | 7 TEAMS OF TEENS WITH POWERS | IN A GAME OF SURVIVAL...WHERE ONLY 1 TEAM CAN REMAIN STANDING IN THE... DROP ZONE. You can also find this… Read More

Book / Humor

February 04, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Ok so this was a story written for miss serendipity's challenge! Hope you like it! It's about two Aussie girls and two native Americans boys partying in Las Vegas, with some issues thrown in :) Love em Read More
Aaron Stokes has terrible luck. After a brutal break up in Denver, he decides he needs to get away. He goes to Las Vegas to visit his older brother, Nick, and while in the lab, he meets the cute, funny, quirky lab tech, Greg Sanders. There is an instant click… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When my writing career dips, I often think about switching to a job that might offer a bit more adventure. Read More
Here's another short story I wrote about a month ago. I wanted to keep this one in a compilation of stories about the west coast of America, most of these stories having to do with Hollywood's portrayal of life. Anyway, enjoy! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A 400 year old vampire, who currently runs a Las Vegas casino, falls in love with a showgirl and enlists the help of a scientist who promises the gift of "normal life" by switching his soul into the body of a mortal man. Read More
Vicki Mallard is able to bend the odds to win any game of chance. But when a dark black cloud takes residence above the skies of Las Vegas, she realizes the consequences of her actions. This is a story I wrote for a contest on I combined my interest… Read More

Featured Review by Oleg Roschin

"Awesome story and really good science fiction! Honestly, this is the best (most believable) explanation of luck in gambling I've seen in literat..." Read More

For our anniversary and my daughter's 21st birthday, we took on Vegas and the Elvis wedding chapel to renew our vows. Read More
This is a new year's eve worst case scenario. Fictional, of course. ;) Read More
An average night in the city that never sleeps could make one man very rich but on the other it could make him broke. Read More
A stranger to Las Vegas endures his first night with an unexpected experience. Read More
When travelling with family, it's good to let off a little steam... Read More
Be it Vegas or Jersey..or the nearest Indian Reservation Gambling is a personal choice, and none of the governments business. Read More
Welcome to Americas Desert Playground. Read More

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