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A lone Space Marine tells his story of his role in the Battle of Stargate Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is mainly a 1 paragraph pilot to a book I may want to write called "Solar" so if this short story gets good ratings I may want to continue it and make it into a full book so please, enjoy ;) Read More
Welcome to the Modern Saints Clubhouse. Tried to post this in chapters in a novel but it wouldn't work. So I will be posting the groupings of chapters separate from each other. Read More
This is a piece of flash fiction to go along with a series of short stories and a Novel I am writing. The setting is the 'Compendium of the Solar Wars'. This is an original setting set in the Solar System 1000 years from now. This writing speaks to one… Read More
this is just a random story i'm writing. i decided to put my own little twist on the game Fall Out. i hope you guys enjoy. i may of more not continue this. depends on how much feedback i get. Read More
Earth was invaded by aliens who strangly look like humans. Within hours they have killed billions of humans and the remaining few are struggling to survive, and you are one of them. You are a survivor in an empty city trying to evade the aliens, or ET's, from killing you.… Read More
A misunderstood criminal is hunted down by a police outfit of misfits. After stealing some valuable technology, this petty thief begins to become a much larger problem for the government then anticipated. Using his prior knowledge as a electronics engineer, he can bend this twisted futuristic government at his own… Read More
Scientist found a way to evolve humanity. The 'Hybrids' can now adapt to any atmosphere, even when there is none. However, a year later, the Hybrids turned to destruction and war and formed armies to destroy those who aren't Hybrids. America was evacuated, but they had lost their country to… Read More

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September 02, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Hannibal Johannson the Third lives in a torn apart world. Every country hates america for destryiong almost everyone and everything, all because of our upsession with studying lasers. This is not tag, people die, being burn to death by the laser guns. This Is Laser Tag... Read More
The Sequel to Dead Eye. In a time where a great war plagues the solar system Sheldon is needed once again to fight. Aided by a mysterious Mech Warrior and a Genetic Experiment he must try to stop a war that has thrown three worlds into turmoil. Read More

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