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October 16, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Nothing special, just recurring thoughts that have been bothering me. Couldn't think of a good title, so I didn't give it one. (If booksie wasn't such a fucking bitch this would be named untitled, so the title is literally the world "untitled" in spanish) Read More
Mayor Sarandon’s funeral is held and Dick Sarandon tries to abdicate rule over the Gloria Sarandon foundation to Valerie, Ryan gets to be the musical guest scheduler on SUNY TV, but becomes involved in controversy when All-Nighter gets a promiscuous new host and Brennan and Miranda become involved without Michael’s… Read More
A boy I once new Used my heart and broke it in two Read More

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October 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

. . . Read More
Another piece I just came up with out of the blue. Title speaks for itself, I think. Enjoy Read More
Written at 5 AM. Reminiscent, maybe painful, definitely painful, it's all the same. Enjoy Read More
Stupid late night thoughts assembled poorly in a small tornado. Enjoy Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is just something I wrote instead of studying one day. Read More
My first poem I'll be uploading. If it's any guess, I wrote it one night when I couldn't really sleep and was feeling rather frustrated at everything. I appreciate any advice or constructive criticism you have, and if you comment I will try to the best of my abilities to… Read More
Love spending late nights in deep conversation - but to what end? Read More
Rated R just for some language, my little writing about a bad moment i had, people liked it Read More

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January 02, 2009

When writer's block and exhaustion collide... Read More
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