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December 17, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Yes, I am another of those dorky girls. But I keep pride in it!! I know you want to know what my day to day life is like. So go ahead click on this is read away. *My friends names have been changed, so yeah.* *And this is based on… Read More
I made this up about a year ago...obviously the main charactor was formed around Taylor Lautner haha, so that's pretty imprtant...and this story is mainly about how Taylor goes through his life enduring, until the age of fifteen he realized who he really is, and what he really has to… Read More
After 13 Year old Gabryella Fawn writes an e-mail to her favorite star, Taylor Lautner, her wildest dreams come true. She recceives a reply from Taylor. (plz go easy on me im only 13 and new to booksie) Read More
So I love my Taylor Lautner; hes amazing, but all this drama and fighting is stressing me out. Especially, with him and my best friend Taylor Momsen. Everything was doing good, but me and Taylor. L broke up last year and Taylor. M has been helping me as a friend,… Read More
Aadi moves to washington. She hasn't been there for three years ever since her mother and her father split up, she has been a problem child and her mother isn't making anything easier. What will happen to her? would she find true love and change her ways? or will she… Read More
A Caribbean Girl, get the sad, but exciting news that she would be living her country; Dominica. She would then find out that she would be living with her aunt and uncle in Califonia and the first thing that clicked in her mind, what Taylor Lautner. Read More
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