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I wrote this essay for a one-time friend who had a very popular blog. It was published to address a number of questions posed by her reading community that had to do with The Law of One and The Ascension Event as well as what everyone was calling "The Shift."… Read More
This poem is meant to be recited in the classical tradition of a bard, The Meadowlands is a story of two lovers and their journey through time toward the culmination of their material existence. It is meant to give us a peek into the Universe beyond the life we know… Read More
This poem is about the end of days upon a dying Earth. It talks about “the Crafters” whom we can assume were the ambassadors of a technologically superior race of star-faring beings. They had made the salvation of mankind their project for a reason that only becomes clear toward the… Read More
Originally written as an element of a fantasy novel that I share with all of you on this site, I found that the work could stand alone as an essay on human virtue--how we might think about our reality and the articles therein. Read More
This is a short story with a traditional moral value, written in the style of an "epic poem." Such poetry follows the tradition of our ancient bards who would articulate the narrative utilizing a cadence. The cadence helped the story-teller memorize the account and often framed the elements of the… Read More
Modern-day bullies are far more violent toward their fellows than one would assume them to be. Mitigating the presence of such sociopaths in our midst begins with recognizing the pattern of their conceit. Read More
Understanding the “nature” of our Cosmos is a clue to the revelation of our own identity for we exist as archetypes of God’s expression of curiosity. We must become “self-aware;” we must discover who and what we really are. Read More
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