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Tara: Lea and I NEVER fight... Well, except for now! We're in a huge fight, and something's up with Lea. She's ignoring me and hanging out with the popular girls. She's different. Lea: Little does Tara know... I can't help it! My body has been taken over and it's making… Read More

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I can be your everything... For every girl, there's evil out there waiting to be invited. Lea was restless. She didn't want to be bad. But she was driven to the point of internal emptiness. And all she wanted was something different. Something like a spark of firework - it… Read More
Being popular is easy. Staying popular is hard. Lea Samuels has lived a glamorous life with her millionare daddy, the hottest boyfriend in high school, tons of friends and backstage passes to the most elite clubs, what more could she want? But being the most loved and wanted girl in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Kate’s mum dies, she finds herself attracted to a mysterious guy she’s never noticed before. But Kate doesn’t believe in love, her parent’s divorced years ago and she doesn’t know any couple that are truly in love. Can she realise that true love exists and hers has been there… Read More

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"We call them 'Spinxs' and they call us meat, you go try talk of diplomacy to them" on a summers night a meteorite falls from the sky and lands on an island. The things that arise from the fallen hunk of rock controls minds and are sure as hell not… Read More

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An autobiographical poem by a ghost Read More
Yup, I agreed to go to the cinema with Will (that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Lea and Will, Lea and Will...) so that he didn't have to put up with Jennifer Donaldson...But then what happens when my ex-boyrfiend decided to go green with envy, and I… Read More
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