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September 04, 2015

As a League of Legends gamer, I love the new PROJECT skins so much, I want to make individual short stories about each skin. This shall be the intro to the story, setting the scene for how I personally imagined the PROJECT series as a story. I have now also… Read More
A boy tracks down an assasin while trying to prevent a war from starting. But one of his family members gets quickscoped so he must choose whether to fight or not. 8/8 gr8 m8 Read More
Teemo goes to a soccer game with Tristana and gets more then what he bargained for. Read More
A group of friend start a competitive League of Legends team and undergo the trials and stress that all pro players face. Howevem their personal dispositions create many problems. This story follows the rise and fall of profesional team AVQWOP and their junior team AVQWOP Acedemy, as well as the… Read More
Originally, I was going to make it a sonnet, but ended up with more than I had. Read More

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