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Hundreds of kids in the small city of Racine are infected by a chemical leak in the water. The chemicals altered the kids DNA and made them super powerful. The government captured the 'Genomes' and performed horrible tests on them. They locked them up For a year. Now Brett and… Read More
Athanasios is an outcast. Why? He doesn't know. One day, a new girl named Keme arrives to tear his world apart and flip him upside down. Now, after picking up all the pieces of his heart and putting it back together, he realizes that a piece is missing. Now, he's… Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 29, 2007

Just like a hole in a water pipe my emotions poor out no matter what I try to do to fix them. We all feel I don't care what you say. It's how we deal with them what count's Read More

Tags: murder, happy, water, leak, pipe

We have all tackled a Do-It-Yourself project at some point in our adult homeowner lives. As you know, they usually don't go quite as smoothly as we anticipate for them to. One would think a sloooow, or NO draining kitchen sink would be easily remedied and quickly resolved. Well, maybe....… Read More
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